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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Ayatollah Isn't the Only Assahollah

In his comment to a post below (“If a Tie is Like Kissing Your Sister...”), occasional MZone contributor DBuck seemed confused and troubled by my comment regarding who I would cheer for in a contest between tOSU and Iran.

Apparently DBuck (and I’m willing to guess many Buckeyes) are not familiar with the term "tongue in cheek." I don't actually think Woody Hayes (WH) was as bad as the Ayatollah Khomeini (AK), but after giving it some additional thought, I did find some interesting similarities. Perhaps you can find more.


WH- worshiped by backwards fascists of the 1970s
AK- worshiped by backwards fascists of the 1970s

WH-dark headwear: ugly 'O' hat
AK-dark headwear: smelly turban

WH-childishly referred to Michigan as "that school up north"
AK- childishly referred to Iraq as "that country out west"

WH-punched Clemson linebacker Charlie Bowman
AK-issued fatwa on British author Salman Rushdie

Plus, I'm guessing neither one will be watching the Fiesta Bowl later today, as they will both be shoveling the same unending pile of shit.


DBuck said...

Judging by your language and rude comments, perhaps you should move in with the Ayatollah. You'd be good company for him. Thanks, Yost, for your good comments and good taste, but I'm done commenting here. If you'd ever met Woody, maybe you wouldn't be saying those things, Mr. Gold. But I kind of doubt you ever did. I'm not wasting my time anymore reading this stuff. Too many more important things to do in life. Go back to eating your Cheerios, dude.

DBuck said...

If this website has any class, delete Mr. Gold's post. Shameful words.

The King said...

Even a Buckeye fan has to appreciate the irony of a post that says, "I'm done commenting here," and is then followed up by a second post one minute later.

IC said...

dbuck (if you're still there):

No, I never met Woody Hayes. I never met the Ayatollah Khomeini either.

However, I stand behing everything I wrote about WH in the post, as it is accurate (with the possible exception of what he's doing today--I get confused whether he has shoveling duty on Mondays or Tuesdays).

Again, you've missed the joke. It's unfortunate that my language (which is similar to that of Woody's, according to his admirers) upsets your delicate sensibilities and that you find my attempt at humor "shameful". To me "shameful" is much more accurately characterized by throwing tantrums, bullying impressionable teenagers, and punching a guy in the neck for having the audacity to intercept a pass.

Yost said...

NOTE: Tried to post this 5 hours ago, but my Internet service has been down.


While I won't delete the post, DB, I do hope you'll continue to comment. I respect your comments and appreciate them. However, I do think IG was again being tongue in cheek and, as much as your classy posts actually make me respect *grumble grumble* some Buckeyes such as yourself, it is the Michigan Football Forum and, as such, the bias admittedly runs very deep. Please know that it's nothing personal. In fact, if you'd like to rebut Mr. Gold, I'd be happy to post such a thing on our main page. Just email me at the address listed and I'll get it up after bowl games.