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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

You're looking live...at the Insight Bowl?

So I tune into tonight's Insight Bowl between two football powerhouses: Arizona State and Rutgers. And I'm shocked to hear the voices of Brent Musburger and Gary Danielson working the game for ESPN. Now I'm not complaining that we're going to get Ron Franklin and Bob Davie tomorrow night, but even the earlier Champs Sports bowl between Clemson and Colorado is bigger than this matchup. But then I see that the Inisght is being played in the baseball stadium in Phoenix. So by making Brent work this game, ABC/ESPN is clearly just trying to keep him out of trouble until his call of the Fiesta Bowl next Monday. When do you think they start to thaw out Keith Jackson before next Wednesday's Rose Bowl?


IC said...

I had the exact same reaction when I bumped into the game early in the third quarter and heard the voices of ABC's top college broadcasting team announcing the Big East #4 vs. Pac Ten # 5 Bowl. I would have thought that this was the kind of game that would have led even Tim Brandt to say, "You know what...I'd love to, but my niece is getting married later that week in Ohio, and my sister needs me to help get the house ready for all the visitors..." My guess is that Brent just wanted to spend a few all-expenses-paid nights at The Phoenician, and Gary... well, what else does Danielson have lined up for a Tuesday night in December in Michigan?

The Scarlet Knights and Sun Devils did provide a very entertaining game, one that former UCLA hoops coach Jim Harrick might have described as a "ballburner." My favorite moment of last night's Insight was when the ASU QB completed a pass to a guy named Miller a few plays after connecting with a different receiver named Miller. Gary quipped, "Brent, you always say 'Two Millers are better than one'," causing Musburger to explode in laughter.

Benny and I have assisted Brent a few times during college broadcasts. If Benny hasn't told you already, ask him about the “Nachos at Northwestern” story. It involves Miss America contestants. Weird, wild stuff.

While I am very concerned with tonight's game (see the “But Do They Really Want to Be There” post of 12-20), I have no complaints with drawing Ron Franklin and Bob Davie as our announcing team. Davie is one of the best there is; does his homework, conveys real enthusiasm for college football, describes plays and strategies well, and often tells you what's going to happen before it happens. He's also the first guy I ever heard explain the importance of talent over schemes by saying, "It's not the Xs and the Os, it's the Jimmies and the Joes."

Franklin is a very solid play-by-play man. He also provides an underrated delight of college football viewing: witnessing the barely-concealed May-December sexual tension between him and sideline reporter Holly Rowe. I'm sure Davie has had to uncomfortably excuse himself from many post-game dinners with the ESPN crew at Applebee's as a smiling Ron orders up another pitcher of margaritas and fills the glass of a giggling Rowe saying, "I'll top that off for you, young lady!"

Re. Keith Jackson: I used to revere him when he was the undisputed voice of college football for two decades. Toward the supposed end of his illustrious career and soon after his ill-fated return, I felt sorry for him as Griese and Fouts gracefully covered up his numerous mistakes. Now I just resent him for forcing me to endure his rambling, error-filled non-descriptions of huge games. Michael Jordan coming back to play for the Wizards worked out better than allowing Jackson to return to the booth.

IC said...

I found this link describing a Brent Musburger drinking game. Whoever created it has certainly watched a lot of games announced by Brent, and if he's played the game, I'm guessing he's spent a lot of time in the ER getting his stomach pumped.


Yost said...

{I would have thought that this was the kind of game that would have led even Tim Brandt to say, "You know what...I'd love to, but my niece is getting married later that week in Ohio, and my sister needs me to help get the house ready for all the visitors..."}

LOL! And no, I don't know the Brent/NW story. Gentlemen -- THAT'S WHAT BLOGS ARE FOR. Share with the group...and the world.

Anonymous said...

The announcers doing the BCS games are also doing some of the earlier bowls in the same area. The Fiesta guys did the Insight Bowl and the Rose Bowl guys (Keith Jackson and Dan Fouts) are doing the Holiday Bowl, just down the road in San Diego.

I guess the thinking is that they're already out there for the big games, so why not have them do another game as well?

Benny Friedman said...

Yost, I will definitely post my story of working with Brent and meeting several Miss America candidates. But it's more for the off season.

Yost said...

Yes, save it for the off-season (aka tomorrow). When the criteria for what constitutes a "football related" post on the site will become much more lax as we pine away for September.