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Thursday, December 29, 2005

You get what you pay for

When you make crucial turnovers, don't take advantage of the other team's mistakes, collapse - AGAIN - on both sides of the ball at the end, can't run the freaking ball, and drop 3rd down conversions, you allow the refs to hurt you.
  • 5 losses
  • No ranking
  • Losing three games at home
  • Allowing two dead programs to beat you as they pass you by
  • Having the worst season in 21 years
I'm glad this season is over.


IC said...

"I'm glad this season is over."

Amen, Benny.

I just deleted this game and the Sparty game from my Tivo. It hasn't eliminated the sting of such a horrible loss and season, but it has eased it a little.

Anonymous said...

Someone call Lloyd and tell him not to be picking out any new curtains.

The King said...

For the next year of my life I am going to have hallucinations of Steve Breaston running 3 yards behind me down the sideline and the ball being glued to my hand.

Benny Friedman said...

I've been waiting for six freaking weeks to get that loss wiped off the "Last Game" section of the site. It's taunted me since November 19 with that stupid ugly O staring at me. I couldn't wait until tonight (or actually early this morning) to get that damn thing off. And now I have to replace it with another L. Sure, it's to Nebraska, a program I have some respect for, but it's still another L. And it's going to stay there for eight months.

Benny Friedman said...

And I forgot to mention ending the season with two losses - AGAIN! And losing four out of five bowl games.