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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Truly Tasteless Buckeye Site of the Day

The "Screw Michigan Store" post below got me thinking: Man, there are a lot of tacky and tasteless Buckeye fans out there taking up valuable space on the Internet, space that could be much better used for another online poker room or porn site. But I digress.

So, in an effort to bring you "The Very Best of the Worst Buckeye Sites on the Web," this post is the first in an occasional "series" listing some of those truly tasteless sites.

Today's listing comes to us from Yahoo Groups and is simply and eloquently entitled (surprise, surprise) "FuckMichigan". First off, the proprietor of this site must be given props because, as you can imagine based on how popular this salutation is in Columbus, he was the first to get in there and claim this coveted name. Well done, sir.

Even more impressive, in his introduction to his "club," there are only a handful of spelling errors so we're obviously dealing with a grad student.

But what I love most of all are the ads at the bottom of the page where a company advertises "related" items on the site based on key words used on the page. They change each time you view the site (so yours might be different) but do you really think the corporate brass at Target know they're advertising their "OSU Throws and Pillows" on the "FuckMichigan" site? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess no. And best of all: next time I clicked on the site there was an ad for - believe it or not - Michigan State! Classic.

If you've found a totally tasteless Buckeye site, please email us.


DanDierdorf said...

Yet, I want OSU to beat ND. I wish that game could end in a 3 - 3 tie.

Nick said...

I got an ad for a book talking frankly about Michigan State. Funniest part I saw was the MState men got a C+ rating. Ugly farmers I guess.

DBuck said...

As interesting as those sites are, I recommend that you not highlight them. Why bring attention to a websites that are so incredibly stupid? Since it's the holidays and bowl season when Buckeyes and Wolverines actually root for each other for the most part, why don't you highlight good websites, like Bucknuts, the O-Zone and others? Yes, the O-Zone has its share of cronies, but there are really some insightful folk over there.

Dbuck said...

Now remember this joke's all in good taste. tOSU had a bad season about 5 years ago, so what goes around, comes around:

Since UM had such a mediocre season with game-ending touchdown drives given up to teams like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and tOSU, they have officially announced that the Wolverines are moving to the Philippines. The University of Michigan has officially announced its new name: The Manila Folders.

Yea, yea. It's about a 1 on a scale of 10, but it's better comedy than that F Michigan site. If you're going to have fun with another team, at least do it with class.

Yost said...

DBuck, I wish I could disagree w/ you about our team's tendency to fold like a cheap tent in the 4th quarter this year but, alas, I can't.

Thanks for you comments, DBuck. Always welcome those from the "dark side" over here (if you can put up w/ our obviously very biased content).