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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tom Terrific

I just watched the interview with Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year, Tom Brady, on Costas Now. If you have HBO, be sure to check it out. When the University of Michigan lists its famous alumni, along with Gerald Ford, Arthur Miller, and James Earl Jones, Tom Brady has to be high on the list. His success on the field is beyond reporach, his teammates love him, and even though he's super competitive, he's not a dick. Oh, and he's easy on the eyes.
He is a great representative for the University. Should he be mentioned above everybody else when it comes to talking about famous Michigan football players?


BaggyPantsDevil said...

I can’t think of any Michigan football player who has achieved as much in his post-Michigan football career as Tom Brady has. I also think is team oriented attitude makes him a perfect ambassador for Michigan football.

I saw something recently on another website concerning Sports Illustrated naming Tom Brady the Sportsman of the Year. The poster’s point was that Tom Brady’s success in the NFL is just more proof that Lloyd Carr sucks. I was curious about other’s opinion on this.

Here’s the post:

If I were going to argue that Lloyd Carr is not a good football coach, I think that Exhibit A would not be the recent losing streaks against Ohio State and Notre Dame, or that Michigan has lost its road opener 6 years in a row, or that its recruiting classes often seem to outrank its football teams. It would be that he somehow managed to make the greatest quarterback of our time look like a sixth round draft pick. How did he do that?

This was my comment:

I’m not so sure that Tom Brady being selected in the sixth round of the NFL draft speaks as poorly of Lloyd Carr or the way Michigan develops quarterbacks as it speaks poorly of how the NFL drafts.

I think the NFL places too much importance on purely physical traits—no doubt because they’re easily measured—like size, arm strength, by-the-book throwing motion, and speed and not enough on the more intangible traits of leadership, competitiveness, coolness, intelligence, work ethic, and commitment to teamwork.

All the athletic ability in the world is meaningless if the person’s work ethic sucks and they’re not a team player. Yes, we’re looking at you Charles Rogers. Even now, Tom Brady isn’t the most physically gifted quarterback in the NFL, but his desire to win, ability to calmly lead an offense, and intelligent decision making are what set him above everyone else.

Although Brady certainly had all those traits before coming to Michigan, I think his experiences there helped him develop them further. I think the competition with Drew Henson made Brady work harder and elevated his play. Having Henson play in the second quarter may have indeed hurt Michigan in several games, but I think it pushed Brady to become an even better quarterback.

I’m not really sure why the NFL didn’t take a harder look at Brady; I thought he was an excellent quarterback in his senior year. He exhibited a lot of the traits that serve him well now. Brady was always at his best in the final minutes when the game was on the line, he made smart choices, and had a knack for getting just the right amount of yardage out of each play.

In the Super Bowl XXXVI, with 1:30 left to play and John Madden expressing the wrongheaded opinion that New England should simply run out the clock and take the game into overtime, I thought, ‘no, this is what Tom Brady does best, this is what he did at Michigan against Notre Dame, Penn State, Ohio State, and Alabama.”

I doubt Brady has any complaints now. Had he been drafted higher, he might have ended up on a team that doesn’t appreciate what he brings to the game or one that’s as team oriented as New England. Under another coach, Brady might not have done as well, just as New England likely wouldn’t have done as well without Tom Brady.

Yost said...

Man, Lloyd bashers probably blame him for global warming, too. I supposed our loss to OSU in '75 was also somehow Lloyd's fault. As is the fact that AEON FLUX sucks. Damn, that Loyd guy! Damn him! He is the root of all that is wrong in the uinverse.

Yost said...

PS You sure Wangs didn't write that post on that other site, BPD?