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Thursday, December 29, 2005

To Nebraska Fans

First of all, well done. You guys didn't quit and you deserved the win. In other posts, the staff of the M Zone is going to bitch about the refs, that last almost-miracle play, another blown 4th quarter lead and how our program is at it's lowest point in years. But not here. This post is reserved for your fans to comment away. We deserve whatever you put up here b/c quite frankly, at least I, didn't think you had a shot. So fire away.

And I will say I was VERY impressed by the crowd noise from Nebraska fans. Sweet mother of God! It sounded like we were in Lincoln, not a neutral bowl site.


The M Zone

PS Michigan fans, please refer to the other Thursday posts to bitch away. And don't be shy. There is a lot to talk about.


Anonymous said...

What do you say after watching an exciting game like that?

Sure you can point to what should have been on the last play or maybe a missed pass interference call and so forth.

I see two critical plays for both sides.

Signed Husker fan
For Nebraska: Michigan is leading 28 to 17 and just completed a great pass to Avant until Adam Ickes strips the ball from Avant. That leads to the first 4th quarter touchdown by Nebraska and gives Nebraska hope to get back in the game.

For Michigan: Great pass thrown on third and 8 only to be dropped by your receiver. If completed there would have been no questionable 4th and 8 pass. Michigan would have gone in for the final score.

Those two plays turn the other way and the game is easily a Michigan win.

Nebraska fan said...

Thanks for the excellant sportsmanship you showed in a rough loss. It was one of those games that goes down in history as of of the best in two teams that battle to the end. Nebraska lost a National championship by going for two for the win against Miami a long time ago in the Orange bowl and it was that play that we used to build on for our future championships to work towards. Michigan has great talent and in a season where a few plays would totaly change the current picture of things I encourage you to stay with your coach and stay positive as things do have a way of changing in your favor when you stick at it.

Anonymous said...

That was crazy.
I don't know if I should be proud of the Husker win or not :\

The King said...

I was also impressed by Nebraska. No one thought they could win that game, and they came to play. Good play calling by Callahan; if you had an offensive line designed for the system you now run you'd have beaten us by 21. The Blackshirts were incredible.

In other news, did anyone else have 20+ confidence points on Michigan? You'd think I would learn...

Benny Friedman said...

Anon, Avant's fumble didn't hurt Michigan, other than field position. One of the few times - ALL YEAR - the defense actually stood up and got a three and out when they needed it.

Anonymous said...

I had posted your site on 12-7-2005 and said the best team would probably win...I think they did

I said the HUSKERS would play with class...they did

I really think it was a great game and it is still special to play a team like MICHIGAN.

Benny Friedman said...

Husker fans: I don't want to poop on your parade, but I don't think the West Coast offense can work in college. You only can practice 20 hours a week and they say it usually takes NFL QBs at least three years in the system to really understand it.
Nebraska deserved to win tonight. I hate using this phrase, but they clearly wanted it more. They're definitely better than they were last year. But I don't see much more than Alamo Bowls in their near future. Sadly, that might also be the case for Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Both teams showed a lot of class, and Michigan fans have shown class in their responses to an unpleasant loss. An all around great evening of exciting football.

I only disagree with one comment made above. Nebraska can win with the West Coast Offense. Taylor is smart and has the system down, but we don't have a good offensive line right now. Best receivers are also young players who will develop as they gain experience. There's good hope for the future with these newer players, including some big OL recruits.

Nebraska simply grows these guys straight up from the earth. And I think we'll eventually win the recruiting game, because it must be nice to be in a place where the fans give you that much support and love, and the school is so truly committed to your intellectual development. It's no accident we have that many academic all-americans; they really care about the future of those players who won't be in football.

Anonymous said...

As a Nebraska fan, that was the worst officiated game I have seen and UM got the worst of it. It could have easily gone either way. The real question is why a Sun Belt crew was officiating a Big Ten - Big XII bowl game. They were clearly way over their heads. You could add to that letter to the Sun Belt commissioner that the halo rule was taken out a couple of years ago.

Michigan has as rich a football tradition as any program in the country. Don't get too down on your coaches or players. We know what it's like to change coaches after a winning season and then go 6-6 and miss a bowl game for the first time in 30 years.

Remy Hamilton said...

Whoever thinks Michigan can build on this the way Nebraska built on the '84 Orange Bowl is transparently blowing sunshine up our asses. WTF?!? You have to have SOME sort of direction to a program before it constitutes anything that you can "build" on. Thanks anyhow.