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Friday, December 30, 2005

A Quick Reminder to Nebraska Fans

To start, thanks for visiting this site. Comments by opposing fans are always appreciated here in the M Zone. However, a couple Husker folks seem surprised that - less than 24 hours after a game so poorly officiated that ESPN was still talking about it on other bowl game telecasts - Michigan fans have, shall we say, a few gripes with the refs. In fact, some of these Husker fans (and they are in the minority) have let us and many other Michigan boards, blogs and sites know that they think Wolverine supporters are"whiners" for being upset with many of the calls.

Well, I have a few things to say.

First, as I said in a comment yesterday, take a look at the board you're on. It's called the MICHIGAN FOOTBALL FORUM for a reason not the UNBIASED FOOTBALL FORUM. It's the M Zone, not the N Zone. We're not federal mediators, we're fans of our team, just like you. So if you're looking for "fair and balanced," try Fox News.

Second, read the posts on this site. To my knowledge, not one of the 5 M Zone contributors blamed the loss on the officials in any of their posts. In fact, most if not all, gave props to Nebraska for the win and said they deserved it. But that doesn't change the fact that it was a painful loss and the wounds are still fresh.

Third, had we run that last play back -- with half the state of Nebraska on the field -- would the Husker sites all be congratulating Michigan on the win? Wouldn't mention the officials at all, huh? Doubtful.

Thus, we're glad you stopped in and thanks for the comments. But pardon Michigan fans -- hell, fans of any college football team after their FIFTH loss of the season by 7 points or less -- for being a little pissed and partisan on one of their own websites. Then throw in the fact of less than stellar officiating in the bowl game and see how calm those fans "discuss" that game on said site the next day. It won't be unbiased. It won't be neutral. It won't be even handed. And that's not whining, that's passion.


Anonymous said...

As a Nebraska fan, this was the worst crew of officials I have ever seen, and we have some bad ones in the Big XII. UM definitely got the worst of it, and your coaches, players and fans have every right to be upset. The game could have gone either way, and Nebraska fans should be just as outraged. Again, the NCAA in their stupidity puts their own agenda ahead of the universities. It was an honor to play a program of Michigan's tradition, and the victory, however tainted, is an important one in Nebraska's rebuilding precisely because of that tradition. Don't be too hard on your coaches or players. We know all too well the consequences of changing coaches after a winning season; be prepared; it can get much worse before it gets better.

handeweg said...

We don't want to change the coach, at least not most of us on this site. We'd be satisfied with changing the DC and special teams coaches. Lloyd shows signs of leaving on his own after another year anyway.

Don't be too prematurely excited about Michigan's tradition. Another few years like this one and beating Michigan will mean about as much as beating Army.

rojovibora said...

I understand the frustration with Michigan fans. I, as a Nebraska fan, felt the officiating sucked for both teams, period. I do feel bad that Michigan had to waste a timeout to get the endzone play reviewed. The corrected call was the correct call. Sad thing is, before instant replay, Nebraska would have kept the TD and Michigan fans would have really, really had something to be upset about. As it is, UM lost a timeout - the officials said it was due to a malfunction between the replay booth and the officals on the field. I believe they are telling the truth. One could take the glass half full approach and be thankful the play could be reviewed and corrected - in the old days that would have been a costly 4 pts for Michigan.
Also, I believe UM called a timeout to get Henne's fumble reviewed as well, and again, that is unfortunate. Reason being is that anytime there is a called fumble when it appears the qb's arm was going forward, the play should be reviewed. My take is the right call was made - it was a fumble.
There was one other blatant display of incompetancy, Right before NU punted on the last series, the offical set the ball but then appeared to let 10 more seconds run off the game clock before starting the play clock. That is terrible.
The other controversal play as far as Michigan is concerned is the 4th down no Pass interference call. When one looks at the play full speed, it does not look like pass interference. I don't think it warranted a flag. But sure, when looking at it in slow motion, you can see the NU player's left hand touching the left side of the receiver.
Michigan's last play was pure crazyness, but both team's players and coaches were on the field, so that inself would be offsetting. I think the NU players said they thought the play was dead because the PA announcers said it was. If true, and if UM had scored, I can promise you the NU fans would have felt cheated. Again, another display of incompetance at the Alamo Bowl.

I wish like hell I could give Michigan back their 2 timeouts & 10 seconds of time. Nebraska fans wouldn't want it any other way. But we can't. I do have the utmost respect for the Michigan program, and I have no doubt Michigan will continue to be a national powerhouse.

Yost said...


Classy post. And please know, I as well as the others on this board feel Nebraska deserved to win. They could have quit down 11 in the 4th and didn't. Hats off to them. The bitching about the refs in no way is meant to detract from their play.

LudaChristian said...

Well written.

Yost said...

Thanks, C.