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Friday, December 30, 2005

A Note About Today's M Zone Posts

Instead of the usual post or two a day and in an effort to get things up as soon as possible after the game, we have put up multiple posts in the wake of the Alamo Bowl debacle.

So scroll down through the Thursday posts as they're all about the game. And check back during the day. I'm sure additional thoughts will be posted as we get more and more pissed thinking about the trainwreck that was the 2005 season.

Also, we'd apologize for the language (meaning mine) in some of the posts today, but if you saw the game, we're sure you understand. We just hope the FCC isn't paying attention and going to make us offer a "Family Tier" option for future blog entries here.

The M Zone Staff


Anonymous said...

Here's a thought. Do you realize how easy--and fair--it would have been to see this team go 4-7 and no bowl game. We're not 7-5 by a fluke, since it could have even been worse.

Yost said...

Very true, Anon.

Penn State Bob said...

UM Fans: You live by bad officiating, you die by bad officiating.

Yost said...

Ah, leave it to a Penn State fan to wander over to our board. Here's the difference, Bob: We won't be talking about it next week whereas you'll still be bitching next year.

Penn State Bob said...

yost: no bitching, just facts; the real difference is you should get better work out of regular Big 10 crew than Sun Belt guys on holiday.

remy hamilton said...

Penn State Bob, you sound like a chump. You think "You live by bad officiating, you die by bad officiating" is a purely factual comment? Sounds like something my hack priest would be embarrassed to say at a midweek mass. The ONLY rational interpretation of that post is that you're still bitching. If you want to lose the rep that PSU fans never stop bitching, go ahead and prove us wrong. Try it, just for kicks.

P.S. No fair to dive back into the bitching two weeks later when you see Michigan or OSU fans posting about how PSU fans always bitch, and then claiming (in your defense) that you were goaded into it. If you're going to be sincerely above this level of petty grudge-holding, you have to make a long-term commitment.

Anonymous said...

There's no question that the quality of Big 10 refs, even at their worst, was WAY better than last night's product. Even the announcers commented on it at length. To the degree Michigan fans are upset about the officiating, it's because they're embarrassed because they found themselves in a game lame enough that they actually let Sun Belt refs work it (I didn't even know that could happen outside of Sun Belt bowl games!!!), not because they think it cost them the game.

Penn State fans, on the other hand, [[genuinely]] believe that, deprived of 2 seconds, Michigan would have thrown the pass in the flat to Breaston with 4 seconds to go, rather than gone to the end zone. They also think Nixon really beat Kennedy and Paul took a hit out on John.

skeetskeet said...

The big question is, how far does Michigan have to sink before programs like Nebraska and Texas quit thinking, inexplicably, that it's a great privilege to play such a great program like us? Surely 2 more seasons like this will do it, right?

Yost said...

[[To the degree Michigan fans are upset about the officiating, it's because they're embarrassed because they found themselves in a game lame enough that they actually let Sun Belt refs work it]] LOL!!

And Skeet, sooooo true. Unfortunately.