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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Michigan's Next Head Coach

Man, did you see his team slaughter Miami last night?


Benny Friedman said...

I know Miles once coached at Michigan, and his team looked great in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, but is he really any different that what we've had around here? His team was more talented than the one Michigan put on the field this year, yet he managed to blow a huge lead to a weak Tennessee team and get blown out in the SEC championship game. He had to go an incredible 5-1 in close games to be ranked #9, including a close win over Arkansas. So with a little bad luck, LSU could be staring at a 7-5 season too.
Besides, he's getting big bucks at LSU. Michigan's not going to shell out like that. That's going to be a problem no matter who we try to get - unless it's another incestuous hire like Malone or Herrmann

The King said...

Overall, though, Miles has been impressive with what he has. First year at any program, with another man's recruits, is never easy. He also won consistently at Oklahoma State, which is like winning at Michigan State and, most importantly, he routinely upset in-state rival Oklahoma while there. The other thing to consider is the killer instinct his team displayed last night. You know if we had gone up by 10 on Miami, we'd have played ball control. Miles went for blood, and that's what we've been missing for so long. Sure, he lost some games, but everyone does, and at the end of the day what I think we really need is a coach who plays to win, as opposed to our coach, who plays not to lose.

I think if we were even close monetarily, he would take our job. He has an emotional tie to UM that he does not have at LSU, and let's just be honest. LSU's job carries maybe half the prestige of Michigan's. LSU has been dcent of late, but overall, they barely register when you hold them up to a UM, a Notre Dame, an Alabama. And, unlike those other programs, our job only comes open every dozen years or so, making it all the more coveted.

Yost said...

Not gonna happen, boys. Remember a few years ago when somebody was out there telling recruits not to go to Michigan b/c Lloyd was going to resign? And Lloyd held the press conference to deny it b/c it was starting to affect play decisions? That was ol' Les.

The King said...

Armed with that knowledge, I am reverting back to my original nominee:

Myself, Scott Loeffler.

DBuck said...

I'd like to proclaim myself as the next Michigan coach. Every start of a game we'd be performing the good ol' Northwestern onside kick -- nothing like a botched Northwestern onside kick that goes for a TD for the opposing team to start a game!!

Yost said...


The way things are going in A2 these days, we might just put you on the list.

The King said...

It is worth noting, of course, that Northwestern used that same onside kick to beat Iowa and get bowl eligible...

Anonymous said...

LSU's rout of Miami becomes still more impressive when you consider that it was done with their BACKUP quarterback. Unbelievable.

Yost, are you sure Les badmouthed us? I can't believe he'd do that to his alma mater. Didn't he ask Bo for advice when the LSU job came up?

Yost said...


Since I didn't personally hear him say it, obviously take anything like that w/ a grain of salt. Put it this way, it wouldn't be admissible in a court of law. However, I got the information from a very reliable source in A2. In the past when this person has given me such inside info, it has turned out to be true. But, again, w/out direct knowledge, I'll just leave it at that.

And I agree w/ you that it is surprising coming from a Michigan man.

Anonymous said...

apparently you mr loeffler have never spent a saturday night in tiger stadium. plus noone cares about history anymore it is all about how much money you can rack up and whether or not the team looks like it can bring you a couple of good years to get you to the pros. and hell if you guys want les miles please take him nobody here in tiger town is impressed and as far as you saying that lsu could be staring down a 7-5 season we could just as easily be holding another crystal ball. one reason we did not play in the Rose Bowl is the hurricanes. It feels so good to see in one game what this team clearly was capable of doing all year if they had not had to share rooms, miss opening games in Tiger stadium, worry about families, homes and friends all the time, dodge helicopters and play 11 straight games without a break while playing, and winning, in the toughest conference in the nation. This reminds me so much of Cotton Bowl and Arkansas and the Sugar Bowl and Wyoming in the 1960's. What a sweet answer to our early season Hurricanes.

Yost said...

Anon, I do agree, that more than any other school in the country, LSU's chances on the football field were hurt by effects of Katrina.