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Saturday, December 31, 2005

MIA: Baggy Pants Devil

For those of you that visit the Zone on a regular basis, you know that one of our most consistent contributors is Baggy Pants Devil. His addition on what to give teams on our Christmas Gift post seems almost eerily prescient in the wake of the Alamo Bowl fiasco:

Every up and coming team in college football - The opportunity to launch your star player’s Heisman candidacy, start your run for a national championship, get a victory that announces your declining football program is back, or get a victory that announces your football program with no winning tradition whatsoever is for real by defeating an overrated—but still the winningest ever—Michigan team in a nationally televised game with a huge audience. Additionally, you’ll win the game in an exciting fashion with a score in the final minutes—don’t worry, Michigan will make sure you get just the right amount of time left so that you, and only you, can score—and ESPN will declare the game an “Instant Classic” so that it can be rebroadcast over and over for everyone’s enjoyment.

Now, the last we heard from him, he was going to attend said Alamo Bowl. But he's been MIA since. Maybe he was injured in the Nebraska stampede during the last play of the game, crushed under Bill Callahan's Gatorade bucket while the play was still unfolding and Tyler Ecker was suddenly overcome with the notion that he had 4.2 speed. Or maybe, after yet another collapse by a Jim Herrmann-coached defense, he's decided to hell with being a Michigan fan and he's over on some Trojan site posting away, trying to wash the disgust of this season away by hanging out with fans of teams that know how to close.

Whatever the case may be, if you have any info on Baggy, please contact us here at the M Zone.

Thank you,

The Management

1 comment:

BaggyPantsDevil said...

It just warms my broken heart to know that I'm missed. I have survived the Alamo Bowl and still a Michigan fan. After all the home of the Alamo is the perfect place to foster stubborn defiance in the face of certain doom.

I'm still in Texas visiting friends--and recuperating from the game--and will send a long e-mail with pictures detailing my odyssey into this disaster when I get back to Arizona. I'll try to focus on the 'at the game' aspects of my experience since I'm not so sure that anyone really wants to revisit the worst officiating in the history of sport.

I would appreciate it if--in the meantime--someone e-mailed the Michigan Athletic Department and let them know that my 'Christmas Gift' post was meant as a JOKE! I wasn't serious folks! I didn't intend for you guys to actually go out and do it!

See you all again soon.