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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

M vs. Nebraska Preview

Since I'm too lazy, still too stuffed with turkey and still pissed I didn't get the leather Michigan jacket I asked Santa for, instead of writing up my own preview of the Michigan/Nebraska Alamo Bowl showdown, I point folks toward the excellent break down of the game at M Go Blog.

More importantly, let's talk bowl pool. In the one Loef, Wangs and I are in, Loef is kicking ass and taking names, going a perfect 7-0 thus far. But, right on his tail, I'm at a better-than-expected 6-1. In fact, the only game I've lost so far is UTEP in my Stripper Theory Pick. Doh!

Bringing up the rear among the three of us, with a Spartan-esque 3-4 record, is Wangs. However, for his "confidence ratings" this year, Wangs numbered the games, I kid you not, in order, 1 thru 28, from the New Orleans Bowl to the Rose Bowl. So it's not as ugly as it seems, having only missed out on 17 points total so far.

But, being 3-4 doesn't bode well, especially with Nostradamus-- uh, I mean Loef, putting his crystal ball to good use.

Yet for the Tuesday games, all three of us agree: Clemson in the Champs Sports, ASU in the Insight.

Editor's Note: if I had Photoshop, I could have done some funny shit with the picture above. But I don't so use your imagination.

1 comment:

The King said...

If I win today's games and the Alamo Bowl, I'm going to be the run away leader going into the final four BCS games...which is where all the rest of my 20+ point games are hidden...

Also I am feeling a bit weird about Rutgers today.