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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dear Tyler Ecker...

Steve Breaston is faster than you.

Lateral to him, and you've just completed the greatest play in Michigan history and probably the second greatest play in the history of college football.

But whatever, just keep it, that will work too.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you can't expect people to keep their heads after they've completed 95% of the greatest play in Michigan history.

The King said...

Good point.

Just to clarify, by the way, I don't actually blame Tyler Ecker for losing that game. There's a lot of blame that can be tossed around, but it sure would have been fun to see that work at the end.

Great refs in that game too.

Anonymous said...

i can't find it in me to piss on Tyler. letting the game come down to the "stanford band" play isn't much of a strategy.

let's face it-we just crashed and burned like we have sooo many times the last few seasons. what does that make? 4 blown 4th quarter leads in the last 5 losses? the players can't ALL be that bad. at some point, it's the coaching.

speaking of which (and to get ahead of the curve on the renewed debate that will follow this latest debacle), i myself have used the "we don't want to be Nebraska" excuse for not pushing for a coaching change. i was wrong. right now, i want to be "Nebraska". no matter what happens next season, RIGHT NOW they are optimistic about the future and think they are headed in the right direction. when was the last time any of us thought that???


The King said...

Agreed on all counts. Look, no one will argue with the fact that, on paper, we are a MUCH more talented team than Nebraska. But, like in many games against demonstrably inferior opponents, we folded when the going gets tough. And this has happened for years, transcending any one class of players.

It's a team attitude thing if you ask me, and that in and of itself is a coaching issue. Plain and simple.

bouje said...

Keep in mind that this isn't the first time that Tyler has done something stupid on the field. (See the OSU game this year when he didn't run out of bounds...) I hope he goes on another morman mission :(

Yost said...

Good point all, gentlemen.

PS Loved the "Standford Band" play line.

Anonymous said...

hi that was a big time game in my books for both sides but for your comments loeffler that you played a inferior team you are right we dont have the talent RIGHT NOW but how long have you guys been in that type of offense we just got this type so calling us inferior is little rude i think but it was a good game and the real fans have fun right loeffler.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Ecker,
After you get cut from the pros for being a terrible blocker and lack of football smarts, whatever you do, do not even attempt to play rugby. Clearly you have no concept of making a backwards pass.

Yost said...