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Thursday, December 22, 2005

College Fans Rally for Good Cause

Saw something online that, especially during the holiday season, even Buckeyes and Wolverines can agree on. It's an ESPN.com story about Nikolette Harris, a 12 year old Oregon girl who is in intensive care fighting leukemia for the third time. Her family is trying to raise $125,000 -- that's after insurance (don't get me started there) -- for a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

Besides obviously promoting goodwill instead of slinging mud at Buckeyes, the reason this ties into college football is that college football fans around the country have rallied to support her. It started with a story on the fan forum of her favorite team, the Oregon Ducks (the ESPN writer has it wrong, listing Oregon State for some reason). Since then, it has spread to many other college football sites on the Internet, including that of Oregon's opponent in the Holiday Bowl, Oklahoma, whose fans have donated some $12,000 to help the little girl.

So, check out the story or her website, www.CureNikolette.org. It sure puts all the other stuff said on college football fan boards into proper perspective.

UPDATE: According to one of our readers, her favorite team really is Oregon State but the drive to help started on an Oregon message board. As the comment said, "Some things go beyond rivalries." Hats off to Oregon fans, some of the classiest around.


Anonymous said...

The story really was right. Her favorite team is Oregon State, but the movement to help her our got started on the Oregon football message boards. Some things just go beyond rivalries.

Yost said...

Wow, didn't know that. Thanks for the update.