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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

AP All-American Team

The AP All-American team was announced yesterday and Michigan didn't have one player on the first, second or third team. When was the last time that happened?

Points out either a) the talent was really bad this year or b) that injuries so depleted us of our star players most of the season (Long, Hart, etc.), it's easy to see why we went 7-4.

Looking back with a small bit of perspective now, I think we were hit unusually hard this year by injuries.


The King said...

It's that, but also, several guys got screwed by other players. Hart was hurt, yes, but even if he had stayed healthy, he wouldn't have been able to produce at an All-American level with so many injuries on the O Line. And Breaston and Avant had no chance at all given the way Henne played this season, no matter what they did.

That said, Breaston was a lock at the beginning of the season for a special teams nod, and he just underachieved. I'm not sure anyone on our defense ever had a chance, but if they did, they didn't reach out and take itCOUGHGABEWATSONCOUGH.

DBuck said...

How's the strength and conditioning up there? Do the OL wear braces? Seems like tOSU always had injury problems with the OL until most of them started wearing knee braces. Not that I want to give UM any good ideas, of course... Nick Mangold had a scary incident this year and probably would have torn something serious if not for the brace.