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Friday, November 18, 2005

UPDATE: Yost Banned from O-Zone

So in the spirit of the game and with all the smack talk flying around on all the message boards this week, I went to something called "the O-Zone" today to post a message which I'll get to in a second.

Now, until yesterday, I had never even heard of this site as I'd never been on a Buckeye message board in my life. I found out about it b/c we were getting a lot of hits to our little site here from folks on the O-Zone. So I went there and discovered one of them had put a post up linking to our blog. Since we were getting so many hits from the site -- and one of the Buckeye replies on the O-Zone said he wanted to "bash my head in w/ a baseball bat" after checking us out - it led me to write the "Open Letter to Buckeye Fans" yesterday which I then posted a link to on the O-Zone.

Last night, I wrote today's piece on the band (see below). A fun little jab at our rivals to the south...east-ish. When I got up this morning, I heard that the guy who runs the O-Zone site had, believe it or not, picked Michigan to win Saturday. So I posted a link with the following text (Please note: this is as close as I remember since it's been removed and I can't get back to the original).

HEADLINE READ: Hey, Bucks, about your band (link)...

"Thought you might enjoy the little history lesson on the link below.

Also heard the guy who runs this site picked Michigan to win. I hope that doesn't mean you're going to beat him up for voicing his opinion."

And that's it. That was more or less my post. When I tried to go back later in the morning since we were getting hits again from them, I discovered I was banned and, apparently, the entire post was removed say friends who have checked for me.

Boy, are Buckeyes REALLY that think-skinned? They can search the Michigan team bus w/ dogs while our players have to stand outside to get abused by their fans but can't take a post on one of their sites that mild? Seriously? That is so weak. Was that really that "offensive?" If that was offensive, then I'm sure the webmaster banned the guy who wanted to "bash" my head in w/ the bat, right? Or is that just typical Buckeye chat on the O-Zone?

I was especially surprised b/c I've read that the guy who runs the O-zone site is supposed to be a good guy (according to M Go Blog). Good guy, but thin-skinned I guess. Too bad.

But at least I hope his prediction is correct.

UPDATE ON THIS UPDATE: As of 6:29pm, EST, I have yet to hear back from the webmaster of the Ozone. I wrote him an email asking why I was "banned" from the site stating I thought my initial post was pretty innocuous (and nowhere near the "bash my head in" talk among others). I also re-sent my valid email address which I had included the first time I posted (as some suggested was the reason for the ban). But, alas, nothing. The only thing I've heard in return is from some Buckeye fans leaving vile, vulgar posts on this site. But that's no surprise. It's, unfortunately, par for the course. Yet I won't "ban" or delete them. They help prove a point better than I ever could.


Eduardo said...

It's quite simple, really. Rules state you need to have a valid email address in order to post. This is done in order to have contact info if necessary and to avoid the hassle of a registration requirement. Since you didn't have an e-mail you were deleted. Feel free to repost with a valid email.

I guess the whole LLLloyd whining gene was passed on to the UM blogging community.

Yost said...

Oh, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Not true, my Buckeye friend. Not true. I did give a valid email address.

Unfortunately, yours is typical Buckeye response to a valid complaint by a Michigan fan. Just like when Michigan fans are treated poorly in Columbus, the Buckeye first response is always the knee jerk, "It's the same for us in Ann Arbor!" instead of taking an honest look at what's really going on. Sorry to say, same thing here.

But tell you what, just for you, I'll email the webmaster to prove my point.

Eduardo said...

From the administrative actions page:

11:24:03 11/17/05 [Zanzibar] Deleted selected posts
# 87355, "Hey, Bucks, about your band (link)..." by Yost on [11:21:30 11/17/05]
COMMENT: Weasel droppings, invalid E-mail

Yost said...

E, just wrote to the guy. We'll see what happens. But I appreciate that. Hey, after Saturday, none of it will matter since we'll all have to wait another whole year for "The Game" to come around again...and thus begin the smack talk all over!

Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Just FYI.

The guy who wrote the preview picking Michigan, the guy who MGoBlog was talking about, and the guy who runs the site are three different people.

None of those people are the same person who banned/deleted/whatever your post.

Yost said...

Gotcha. Thanks.

PS Hey, Eddie, I think this the most civil conversation a Wolverine and a Buck have had this week! LOL.

Eduardo said...

Suck it.

Porsche said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Porsche said...

BTW, we welcome many tsun posters. Problem is most of them come in talking trash and leave "trolling".

Yost said...


Thanks for showing the class of so many Buckeye fans with your witty and clever "Suck it" comment.

Like the fans in Columbus who would rather yell "F*ck Michigan instead of "Go Bucks!", as you can all tell by this site, many Buck fans would rather come to an M blog and be vulgar (see some of the other comments they've posted) rather than be pro-Buck here or on a Buck site.

B-buck said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Idiot, why waste the time whinning about your mistreatment at an internet message board. Its college football man, sack up and grab a sense of proportion.

Time to unplug, stand up, and go talk to real people.

Yost said...

Man, I visited a Buckeye website twice, you guys have me bookmarked so you can talk trash. Typical -- would rather rip on Michigan than talk up Ohio State.

Anonymous said...

All scUM fairies can eat each other's poles,to console each toher for the BEATDOWN they're about to take tomorrow.