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Friday, November 11, 2005

Thanks to MGoBlog!

Just wanted to say thanks to Brian for putting a link up to us on his excellent MGoBlog site (love that name!). If you haven't checked out his site yet, you should. Great stuff.

We'll be putting up links to sites like his on the next phase of development here at the M Zone. Right now, we're sort of like the brick program outside Michigan Stadium. We're still in phase one: getting all our members to write posts for the site on a regular basis (that means you, Wangs!).

Thanks again, Brian and...

Go Blue!

UPDATE: Benny "The Computer Guru" Friedman has put up a link to MGoBlog. Check it out.


Benny Friedman said...

A few links have been added. If anyone out there thinks some others should be posted, let us know.
Check out the last one listed - the Michigan Football Ticket Museum. If you've been attending games for any amount of time in Ann Arbor, this site will bring back some good memories.
Yost, how many of the consecutive stubs against tOSU do you have?

Katie said...

Great links! I use the Library link all of the time! I knew that your blogger name was an old QB, same for Loeffler and of course Yost a coach, I wasn't sure about Wang....so I had to go to the library....I am guessing Wangler on that. If you all could go vote on my poll for favorite football team.....at least I could stack the deck so Michigan Wins in my poll. hee hee. (no need to hang around reading about my boring life, just vote!)

Go Blue!