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Saturday, November 12, 2005


In USA TODAY today (I love saying that), they took a look at possible bowl match ups. Under the heading THE DISAPPOINTMENT BOWL, they say:

Michigan (No. 4 in the preseason coaches' poll) vs. Oklahoma (No. 5) in the Alamo Bowl. Neither can finish with more than eight wins. That's not what they envisioned back in two-a-days.

Gee, just when I was starting to feel good about how we've bounced back this season, too.


The King said...

Only someone who has never been to the Alamo Bowl would cinsider this a bad thing. The Alamo Bowl is the single greatest bowl game in college football; I know, I've been to all of them.

Not only would I not mind us going to the Alamo Bowl, I'm ROOTING for it. I have full intentions on flying in for a drug induced 24 four stupor in San Antonio if we make that game. God willing.

Yost said...

While I'm not "rooting" for the Alamo Bowl (I still harbor faint BCS dreams), if we end up there, count me in with you, Loef.

The King said...

Awesome. Maybe we can get together on December 3rd when our fate has already been decided and I'll show you pictures of the last time I was in San Antonio for that game. That would actually be helpful for me, too, since I don't remember any of it.

Yost said...

LOL! I saw some pix from that trip. I hope to particpate this year.

Benny Friedman said...

What about Tennessee? They have to be the biggest disappointment this season. They were ranked #3 in the AP pre-season poll, and they will only get to a bowl if they manage to beat Vanderbilt and Kentucky. And let's not forget about Purdue (#15) and Texas A&M(#17). No bowls for them (unless A&M upsets Texas) despite pre-season talk of winning their conference.
Yes, this season has been a disappointment by Michigan standards, but let's not get carried away.