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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

An Open Invitation to Texas Fans Who Were in Columbus

Dear Longhorns,

For years, Michigan fans who went to Columbus for the M/OSU game have been telling folks just how bad Buckeye fans are. People listened but I think they thought it was an exaggeration. College football fans couldn't be that bad, could they? Then we heard Texas fans who went to the game in Columbus this year were APPALLED by how poorly they were treated. They said it bordered on scary.

So this post is for Longhorn fans to leave comments about what they witnessed/were subjected to in the 'Shoe.

Thanks for your comments!


Anonymous said...

I am from San Antonio. I went to the game. We had a great time. Nice people great stadium great game.

I also attended the FSU Michigan back in the early 90's. I can honestly say that both experiences were fine.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I didn't actually attend the game. A wedding conflicted with travel plans so all I could do was watch on TV, but at UT home games I sit on the alumni side and the guy whose family always sits behind me had all sorts of horror stories about what was going on before the game around the stadium. He said that he made the mistake of walking along one side of the stadium (apparently where pre-game parties and fraternity houses are) and saw everything from people yelling obscenities (to families with kids in burnt orange) to people attempting to pick fights. When passing a fraternity party happening in the yard of a frat house, one of the guys ran out with a sign that said "fag" and walked behind him, holding it over his head... apparently for a good 20 minutes of walking around. The guy decided that maybe if he just let him the other Buckeye fans would figure he was "already taken care of" and not come up with something worse to do.

Once in his seats at the game, he said some of their neighbors in the stands (Buckeye fans) were yelling things like "UT SUCKS!!! BUCKEYES KICK ASS!!! YOU THINK YOU CAN WIN IN THE 'SHOE?!?!" etc... which he said wasn't too big a deal. Lots of fans get pumped up for games and do stuff like this. The thing that surprised him was that this didn't stop... at all... during the game. He said he was amazed the guys weren't horse by the end of the game, but they didn't even shut up for the halftime show. Since it was a group, he couldn't even count on it dying down when they went to the restrooms or to get concessions. When the Buckeyes lost the yells switched from that variety to obscenities.

He said that it was worth it to see the game but that for him it'd probably be a 1 time deal... he wouldn't go back.

Anonymous said...

I went to the game and the experience was something I will never forget. Everyone up there was ConVinced that Texas would not only lose but that we would get beat down. I was with my family and my little sister, who is 8 by the way, asked me "What was wrong with everybody?" and "Why do they hate us so much?" All I could tell her was that people are jealous of what we have and it makes them feel better when they try and make us feel like crap. The things they said around my sister was something I will never forget. We recieved a lot of verbal abuse and sometimes the drunk frat guys would try and pick fights with me. Luckily I decided to be the bigger man and just walk away from that because I need to be a role model for my little brother too. It was great to see the drunk pissed off buckeye fans leave while we walked around with our heads held high. It was an experience but I hope no one gets to experience that EVER AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

From this Horn, in Dallas, we met a few good people up in Columbus, and bumped into some bad ones too.

My boss and his pal got jumped by some guys, but to be fair some Ohio St frat guys saw the trouble and jumped in on BEHALF of my boss.

So it was 50-50 good and bad.

Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

The Ohio St. fans I ran into on the street were mouthy WHITE TRASH in it's purest form.

What was funny is that they are real mouthy when in groups. Based on what I saw, one on one I could have handled all of them. They were not bad asses like I know bad asses. They were just drunk ass inbred white trash being real brave in numbers.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game in Columbus this year. The Buckeye fans are the worst white trash pieces of scum that I have ever met. I was spit on, I was threatened. I was also told to go straight to my hotel room or else I would get my ass kicked (I was told this by a Columbus Cop). Classy Ohio State fans!!

Anonymous said...

This Horn definitely received a "refresher course" on use of the F-word - F-me, F-my friends, F-my state, F-my burnt orange shirt, F-the longhorn on my shirt, F-the rental car I was driving, everyone from Texas is F-in Fehgs, and on and on and on. The best part was half of these comments were from the OSU "girls" (if you can call a heffer in an oversized OSU jersey, tight jean shorts and bad shoes a girl). Lane Ave. looked like a run down war zone, but based on fan behavior, I can see why it looks like shit. The trip was an experience I won't soon forget and actually made me appreciate our rivalries with OU and TAMU much more! I'm afraid the Bucks that make the trip to Austin next year are going to be very confused when they experience some southern hospitality! Had a great time with the Michigan fans at the Rose Bowl last year - pure class on both sides of the stadium. Go Blue!!

Yost said...

Thanks for all your posts, Texas fans. Sorry you had to experience what we get every two years in Columbus.

And right back at you on the class of 'Horn fans at the Rose Bowl last year.

Anonymous said...

I remember a lot of warnings about this kind of nonsense from Michigan fans I corresponded with on the 'Net before and after the Rose Bowl last year.

I didn't go to Columbus but know many who did. It sounded like the behavior of Buckeye fan broke down according to age: almost all of the abuse came from those under 25, both male and female. My parents went and sat in an OSU section among people their own age and said they couldn't have been nicer.

So, may we conclude that Buckeye fan is typically a late bloomer in a trashy sort of way? Either way, it will be easy to root for Michigan on Saturday.

lance said...

nicest folks i've ever met - real cream of the crop as far as NCAA divIA team fans go!

Great experience!

Yost said...

Ok, who thinks Lance is really a Buckeye? "Cream of the crop?" Yeah, that's what everybody says about Buckeye fans.

Anonymous said...

The OSU fans are completely demented. Maybe it was because it was a night game, because a few of them told me the night before the game that OSU fans are only real knuckleheads for the Michigan game. Well, that was stunningly inaccurate.

We got beer thrown at us, people running alongside us screaming they were going to fuck our sisters and mothers and violate us in various ways, at least 3 dozen renditions of the time-honored "steers and queers" line that only jumped the shark, oh, 10 or 15 years ago, and a guy in our section said someone pissed on his shoes. The most amazing thing was the PERSISTENCE. As we walked around the stadium to find our entrance, it seemed like the torrent of screaming never ended, because about one out of every 3 people started glaring at us unmistakably and cussing.

Beat these jobless fat-asses silent on saturday! Hook 'em Horns and Go Blue!

Jeremy said...

I'm in the Michigan Marching Band and I've had the experience of seeing both teams' fans after a losing to them (OSU twice). The OSU fans are the most offensive, classless, and obscene people I've ever encountered in my life. The contrast between them and the incredible politeness of the friendly-as-hell Texas fans was astounding. We feel like we have the opposite of a rivalry with Texas now, because everything at that game went so well.

P.S. Michigan did the Script Ohio first.

Yost said...


You are correct about the "Script Ohio." In fact, was just working on such a post.

Jeremy said...

That was more directed at the OSU fans that may find their way over here. They get so upset about it.

I hope I didn't stop you from posting about it anyway. You may find this article from a Sports Illustrated On Campus last year helpful:


Yost said...


Also appreciate the comments here. Yeah, saw the SI when I was doing a little "research" for the upcoming band post. Me thinks you'll like it.

Yost said...

Oops, meant "always" not "also"

Anonymous said...

Made the trip up to Columbus as well. It was pure insanity and I was scared for my life. How does this behavior go unnoticed in the NCAA? I was belittled, treated like an animal, and felt like an itsy-bitsy teeny longhorn poking through an ocean of acorns (or buckeyes, whatever the f*ck they arE). Sure my team squeaked out a win, but at what cost? It wasn't worth it - stay away from O - H - I- O.

Yost said...


I agree w/ you re: the NCAA. It's not like this just started happening.

Anonymous said...

I'm a UT student who road tripped up to Columbus. These were the worst people I have ever encountered in my life, far worst than any OU or arkansas fan. I love a little trash talk, but when people are throwing half full bottles and cans of at me, you can't really say anything. Especially when there are four of us and about a hundred drunk fuckeyes at each house. It's a sad state when I am wondering if I will be safer if UT wins or loses. Thank god we beat them. Going to the bars afterwards didn't even cross our minds, we just got the hell outta that shithole. Beat the hell outta em this weekend, GO BLUE!

Anonymous said...

I'm an Ohio State fan who knows that our fans' behavior needs improvement. I didn't see anything really bad going to or from that game, but have in the past, but the Buckeye fan from hell who sat next to me made it miserable for me and the two Longhorns fans sitting in front of me. He made an ass of himself thru the first half. During halftime he talked to the Texas fans like he was a longlost relative. When the second half started he was back to his obnoxious behavior. When the Longhorns fans asked about the best way to get back to their hotel my first piece of advice was "Whether you win or lose, stay off of High Street." Talk around Columbus is that there will be no more night games in the Shoe as it gives people too much time to get liqoured up, but liquor only makes bad behavior worse.

joe fuck michigan said...

texas fans are a bunch of pussies, michigan fans dont like pussy because they're gay but that would make sense then as to why the michigan fans are sucking texas' dick on this website

go buckeyes

Yost said...

I would normally delete such a comment as the one above by "Joe", but I think it, along w/ other Buckeye posts here, shows the level of class of OSU fans.

NY_Buckeye said...

OK, let's be fair here. As a Buckeye fan who has attended several games in Ann Arbor, you people are not exactly the classiest bunch. I've been called every name in the book while visiting Ann Arbor and have had several people try to pick fights with me as I was walking with my pregnant wife. A drunken UAW worker is worse than a frat boy anyday. As well, my wife and I went to the OSU/Penn State game this year and witnessed some of this same rudeness by drunken PSU fans, many directed at senior citizen wearing scarlet and gray. It is something that happens at big games, and yes it happens in Ann Arbor as well, as much as you'd like to pretend it doesn't. I don't like rudeness either, but Ohio State certainly doesn't have a corner on it.

Benny Friedman said...

NY_Buckeye, first off, thanks for a legit post. Though I dont' agree with you, at least you took the time to voice your opinion in a constructive, readable way.
I would never say that there are no jerks at Michigan games. If someone was abusive to you and your pregnant wife, that's appalling. Unfortunately, there's not a stadium around where there aren't at least some a-holes. I think our point with this post is that it seems to be more of the culture in Columbus. Is it 90%? Of course not, I've been to games there and have met nice people. But I truly do believe it's a higher percentage than at other places. I've sat in the student section in East Lansing wearing my maize and blue and had some fans apologize for the behavior of some rowdies. I don't think that would happen in the 'Shoe. I've heard some of my Buckeye friends use the same excuse you did - that abusive behavior happens in every stadium. Though that's true to a degree, when a Buckeye fan responds this way - and it's very common - they're just enabling the boorish behavior that they're becoming famous for. And I think the enabling goes all the way from the fans on up to the athletic department and the chancellor's office.

Anonymous said...

I went to the game and the OSU fans were by far the most hostile fan group ever. I love a little trash talking but they went way above and beyond that. Every girl in my group was a bitch or a whore. I know its kinda old school to say this but leave the women and children out of it. You would think that the OSU fans would be nice to the hot Texas women given what they have to look at. (save that one ridiculously hot OSU girl in the video)

Anonymous said...

I went to the game and the OSU fans were by far the most hostile fan group ever. I love a little trash talking but they went way above and beyond that. Every girl in my group was a bitch or a whore. I know its kinda old school to say this but leave the women and children out of it. You would think that the OSU fans would be nice to the hot Texas women given what they have to look at. (save that one ridiculously hot OSU girl in the video)