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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On the subject of hate

So while trying to think of some reasons to hate tOSU, I started to think about other schools that I've hated in my life. As a kid in the '70s, there's no doubt that all of my vitriol was reserved for the Buckeyes. The inability to beat them, along with their horrible sportsmanship during my formative Wolverine years, ingrained a certain hatred that subsided during our domination in the '90s and has risen again during the Tressell years. Visiting Columbus in '00 and '04 helped solidify my hatred.
But there have been times I've hated other schools almost as much: Sparty during the George Perles years, Notre Dame pretty much any year, especially when they beat us, and Iowa in the mid '80s, thanks to a run in with some cheerleaders in Ann Arbor. There might have even been a day when I hated Purdue.
My question is, what is your most hated school and why? Is it just the team that's had the most recent success against Michigan? Was it one particular game that caused the contempt? And is the opponent's success a prerequisite for hatred? I've had people say they don't hate tOSU as much as Sparty because they at least respect tOSU. Those people must never have been to Columbus. There are also those that cheer for tOSU every game except against Michigan, while cheering for Sparty to lose every week - they only hate tOSU during the last game of the season while they despise Sparty all year 'round.
Don't limit your answer to just the Big Ten. Are there schools from other conferences that you loathe? Why? And who's your least hated?
I'm sure Michigan would be a number of other fans' most hated school. There's no doubt we'd be tOSU's least liked, as well as Sparty's. Living in Chicago, I find it funny that the Illini fans hate Michigan and consider it a rivalry. We don't even have a rivalry with them in hoops.


The King said...

This should be fun.

I hate Notre Dame because of their elitist attitude and because every now and again, they actually earn it.

I hate Tennessee because Phil Fulmer is a fat sack of ass.

I hate UCLA because every year for 6 games their no nothing fans actually think they have a decent team put together.

I hate USC FANS because I live in Los Angeles and all day long I hear about their dynasty, the strength of the Pac-10 (Jigga what?!), and how priveleged they are. Yet when I asked my closest USC friend who started at QB before Carson Palmer, he didn't know. HE DIDN'T KNOW WHO THEIR STARTING QB WAS 7 YEARS AGO. How far can you go back in the Michigan QB Chain of Command? Further than Brian Greise, I'm sure. *This said I actually enjoy watching USC. They're too damn good not to.

I hate Ohio State.

I hate Cal because I grew up in Berkeley and, like all Pac-10 fans, those halfwits think they know something about college football, when in fact they base the entirety of their "knowledge" on ridiculously sheltered regional biases.

I hate Nebraska because the year we won the National Title, they claimed to have been #1 in some poll no one cares about. Though I have to say, recently hating Nebraska has started to feel like teasing a kid with Down's Syndrome.

I hate Purdue because have you ever been to West Lafayette? If you were to give America an enema, that's where you'd stick the hose.

I hate Washington because of 1991 and because of Roc Alexander.

That should cover it for now. I'm a pretty tolerant guy.

The King said...

In the interest of balance, I have decided to also list teams that I root for despite not having a direct connection to them:

I like Fresno State because I was born in Fresno, my mother taught there, and because there's nothing funnier in the world than watching Fresno State smack a top team in the mouth. And also because Pat Hill's mustache is spectacular.

I like Boise State (but not when they play Fresno) because of their turf.

I like Idaho because they play their games in a field house smaller than Oosterbaan, and I think that's cute.

I like UAB because their QB weighs 400 pounds and because of a story that ESPN ran on the program a few years back. If you read it, you know the one.

I like South Carolina because my granddfather went there, and because I like Steve Spurrier. Sue me.

I like Colorado State because my best friend went to school there.

I like whatever small team is crashing the BCS party in any particular year, because I likee it when the BCS looks moronic. This year I happen to be a huge fan of South Florida.

Yost said...

Good topic, Benny.

Until recently, I never really "hated" any school. Strong dislike, but no hate. I mean, I never really hated MSU. To me, they were always like your little brother who really wanted to join you in the "big boys" games and you humored him. Sometimes they annoy me (especially when they pull out one of their crazy wins -- see Timegate -- then act as if the entire balance of power in the Big 10 has shifted) but it never rises to "hate."

And ND, don't like them, but not the lather of hate for them. They more

But now, well...I absolutely despise tOSU. Like a DATELINE special, here is my story...

I've been going to the M/tOSU game -- home and away -- for many years. And there was a time (fading now in my memory) when I used to actually root for tOSU in all their games when they didn't play Michigan. Out of respect. And b/c I didn't want to beat up on some 6-4 Ohio State team. I wanted them undefeated when Michigan took them out behind the woodshed. But no more. And the reason is simple: their fans.

These people are, for lack of a classier word to describe unclassy people, complete and total a-holes. I was with Benny in Columbus last year and it stuns me that each trip there, the treatment of Michigan fans keeps getting worse. And I'm not talking about the booing us when they see our Michigan garb, I'm talking about incidents that make you actually fear for your safety.

And it's not just Michigan fans. Earlier this fall, Texas fans traveling to Columbus were treated w/ such abuse that tOSU president issued a public apology in one of the local Texas papers. It's that bad. I also had some UT friends who attended who said they were simply STUNNED by the level of vile, vulgar abuse. And again, not just from drunk frat guys but high school girls right up to senior citizens. It's systemic there. Part of the culture.

Thus, I now actually "hate" tOSU and more specifically, their fans.

I don't care if they're 0-10 when we play them, I still want to destory them.

IC said...

Benny, excellent topic.

Loef, I agree with several of your points. Never has Phil Fulmer been more aptly described than by your characterization of him as, "a fat sack of ass." And Pat Hill's mustache is spectacular and is clearly deserving of its own post.

My hate list is topped by:

1) Sparty - I only have contempt for these unsportsmanlike brats. They change their helmets more often than an insecure adolescent girl changes hairstyles, deperately hoping to gain the acceptance and affection that will never come. Their coaches have included such world-class puds as Darryl Rogers, who demonstrated an impressive command of alliteration by calling us "arrogant asses in Ann Arbor", and George Perles, who brought glory to East Lansing by leading plucky Sparty to a 10-6 loss to Army in the 1985 Cherry Bowl.

There is one thing I like about Sparty Football (as opposed to Sparty Basketball, which I respect): they usually provide me with much-needed solace after a Michigan defeat by losing to a C-list team like Central or Rutgers or by crapping their pants and getting pounded by a Big Ten foe.

2) Northwestern - I used to like the Wildcats. They were harmless, wore purple, and always fought hard despite the certainty of a 63-0 asskicking.

Then they became good, even beating us a few times, but I still had no problem with them. However, for a few months in 1998, I worked for a Northwestern grad who couldn't have been a bigger bitch. She fancied herself a real NW fan; even had a little pennant in her office. Now, every time we beat Northwestern, I sing "The Victors", thrust my fist into the air, and shout, "Take that, Kathleen Ermitage!"

3) Texas A&M - I have no evidence to back this up, but I'm certain that over 80% of the fragging incidents in the U.S. Military are committed against officers who graduated from Texas A&M. And I'm guessing there are good reasons for that.

My like list includes:

1) UCLA - Growing up in the frigid Midwest, I admired the Bruins' sun-splashed light blue and gold unis and their gorgeous cheerleaders. This was a main reason I moved to LA for three years after graduating from Michigan. That and the fun protrayal of the Regal Beagle on "Three's Company."

2) Auburn - When I attended the Bill Frieder Basketball Camp in 1982, I played for Auburn in the 13-year-old division. We shocked favored Kentucky for the "SEC" title and I've been hollering "War Eagle!" ever since.

3) Wyoming - The guy on the bucking bronco and brown and yellow uniforms. What kind of person wouldn't cheer for the Cowboys?

Yost said...

As for some schools we might not play that I openly dislike (sometimes boardering on hate):

* Any of the big 3 Florida schools -- Miami, FSU, UF. To me, they are all just one step away from permanent probation, the way they run the programs (especially Bowden, who short of murder, I think a play just sits out one series as "punishment"). UF may drop off this list now that UM is their coach. My dislike of UF goes back to Spurrier. Unlike Loef, I hate the guy. Think he's a pompous ass and loved seeing him fail miserably in the pros. Boy, when it comes down to it, my dislike of the Florida schools goes back a lot to coaching: Jimmy Johnson at Miami (allowing his team to arrive at the '87 Fiesta Bowl vs. PSU dressed like gangbangers), Spurrier and Bobby "It ain't a crime if he starts" Bowden.
* Ok, I hate Tennessee. Openly root against them every game. This goes back to Phil Fulmer a) crying that Woodson beat Peyton for Heisman then b) screwing us in Coach's Poll vote giving it to...
* Nebraska. Scott Frost is still a whiny little girl for begging for a share of the national title.
* Oklahoma (from B. Switzer days). Harder to hate them now w/ Stoops at the helm. But back when BS was there, they were thugs.
* 'SC - I agree w/ Loef down the line here
* Kansas State -- I have NO respect for the way Snyder has built this program, playing 3 junior high teams then having to only win one real game a season for it to be "successful." Nice to see this is now backfiring on him as he slips back to mediocrity.
* Used to be very neutral/almost like LSU until Saban was their coach

As for my like list:

* Oregon -- great fans, LOUD stadium (and you know how I feel about that) and treated us when we were up there great
* UCLA -- thought about going there way back when
* Colorado -- before Gary Barnett took over

DanDierdorf said...

Don't hate da playah! Love da game. On any given Saturday my three favorite teams are MICH and whoever is playing MSU and ND. When MSU and ND play, I hope a natural diaster strikes the stadium. I HATE MSU and I HATE ND. I hate MSU because their fans are fu&*ing A-holes. I hate ND because all you here about is the scared ground. I went there last year, BFD!!! The place sucks!!! I greatly dislike OSU but have respect for the overall program. I love the rivalry. I HATE their fu&*ing fans. Not more then Yost who has been shot at, stabbed, had family members kidnapped. It's like that Mel Gibson movie when they take his kid everytime Yost takes a road trip. I use to hate the "U" but now I respect the program, still hate the playahs. Thing about the "U". They don't care. They will play on Wed, Thur, Fri at your house on Nat TV and always with a swagger. Sometimes I wish MICH had that swagger on the road.

Yost said...

LOL, Dan. Yeah, I feel like Ned Beatty in DELIVERANCE when I'm in Columbus. If they played Hang On Sloopy w/ banjos, it would be complete.

Ali Haji-Sheikh said...

osu--Yost summed it up, they are sub-human mutants. Sparty is too pathetic to hate (until we lose to them again). Short on time...better post next time.

Anonymous said...

To Michigan yankee faggs...learn to not be dirty and greasy. No one likes any of you. You are dirt heads.
LOL! That's awesome! Hey! I just read how you hate Tennessee and Charles Woodson got the retard prize. Man, where is he now? AAAAAAAAAnd where is Peyton? Hey! Remember when we kicked your A$$e$ in the bowl game! HAHAHAHA! No wonder!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!! Play a real team. SEC baby!!! The only reason all 6 SEC teams aren't #1 is b/c we beat eachother. No one else can come close!!