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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Harbaugh Arrested for Drunk Driving

Just heard from Dan and read that Jim Harbaugh was arrested for drunk driving early Sunday morning near San Diego.

I guess after Benny's post that Friday wondering aloud about his merits as a potential contender for the U-M head coaching spot someday, apparently Jim decided to celebrate and pull his best Gary Moeller impression.

As I stated in a comment to Benny's post below, I (along with another reader) was not a fan of Mr. Harbaugh, the person, when he was at U-M and thus believe he is not someone who should ever be considered to be Michigan's head coach. This latest incident only further confirms that belief.


The King said...

Well after that, he's unlikely to even be San Diego's coach.

DanDierdorf said...

Yep, I'm thinking that he won't be coaching anywhere soon. On that note, who is a worthy successor to Coach Carr? Enjoy your bye week!!! Finally, I can relax and get my blood pressure down to a safe level.

Yost said...

Good point, Loef.

M82 said...

Poor guy, apparently still bummed about the '84 season...


Yost said...

Hey, *I'M* still bummed about the '84 season.

The King said...

You know who wouldd make a great replacement for Lloyd? Me, Scott Loeffler. Don't fear youth! I'm supple!

Yost said...

And the glasses make you look smart, too, Loef.