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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Close...But No Cigar

Read interesting column today at CollegeFootballNews.com talking about the "solution" for the BCS mess being a "+1" game. I had talked about the +1 solution in a previous post and am in favor, just not the way this writer laid it out. He argues for taking the top 4 BCS teams, seeding them, and playing #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3 in two of the January 1st bowls with the winners to meet in the title game a week or two later.

The reason I'm opposed to this is because it still relegates the other two "major" New Year's Day bowls to "who cares?" status. If I had my way (and could put up with Wangs yelling at me for what I'm about to propose), I would go back to the old bowl system/tie-ins for the Big Four New Year's Day bowls (Rose, Orange, Sugar and Fiesta). Then, after those are played, pick your two teams for the "BCS Championship" game.

Yes, I know there could be problems if, say, #1 vs #2 met in one of the January 1st bowls. Or the above scenario still left three undefeated teams. Blah, blah, blah. So what? Call me crazy, but I love the debate aspect of college football.

Eight years later, does any Michigan fan really care that we shared the National Title with Nebraska in '97? Think any Nebraska fans lose sleep over it? Probably not. Both teams legitimately claimed they won the National Title, alums got to buy a bunch of gaudy t-shirts proclaiming as much and everybody, in the grand scheme of things, was happy.

Point is, there's no such thing as perfect in life. Nor will there ever be in a college football post-season, no matter what the format. So with that being said, call me old school, but I'd rather go back to a system that made the January 1st bowl games meaningful to watch. Then let the debate begin. To me, that was always part of the fun.


DanDierdorf said...

I still blame Payton Manning for "throwing" that game to Neb. He played horribly in that game. Why? He was pissed that Charles Woodson won the Heisman. Yep, conspiracy theory 101. Did you see the way Manning looked at Woodson when his named was called in New York?

mayday said...

Occam's Razor... don't look for a complicated explanation when a simple one will suffice. Peyton always sucks in big games, ergo, he sucked against Nebraska also. Although on MNF he looked pretty good. Seriously the first time I can ever remember saying that about him after a big game. Dude must have finally learned about mental state after a dozen @#$%#$> years; nice learning curve.

mayday said...

Also, in response to the post in general, YES YES YES. Thank God I'm not alone in the universe, sometimes I feel like I'm taking crazy pills hearing all these generally perceptive fans whine for a playoff system, so college football can be like EVERY OTHER DAMN SPORT. Plus ones would have just as much potential for screwups as the current system, anyone can see that with 2 minutes of thought. And a real playoff with 4 or 8 or whatever would eventually have some shit team win like a Kansas or Villanova and the whole meaning of the regular season would be flushed down the toilet. I get so tired of people failing to see this when you know they'd be crying and moaning about the injustice of the playoff system 3 or 4 years in.

Yost said...

Mayday, props right back at ya. Totally agree with you. College football is the best sport in the country b/c the regular season IS so special.

Thanks for your comments!