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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

But would I ever answer the phone?

You know that one guy at the restaurant who annoys the hell out of you with the Abba ringtone on his cellphone? (ok, maybe I'm just eating at the wrong places).

Well, now revenge can be yours with Ufer ringtones. Although, with Ufe's call of the '79 Wangler-to-Carter IU game going off every time somebody called me, I'd probably get so fired up I'd forget to answer the phone. Or I can see the Abba guy next to me saying to his lunch date after about the 10th call, "Who the hell is Gil Chapman?"


DanDierdorf said...

Gil Chapman? a.k.a. the Jersey Jet. "....and the Univ of Mich would like to thank Mrs. Chapman for the birth of her son." That is one of my all time favorite Uferisms!

Yost said...

The Jersey Jet, indeed. Ah, yes, thanking his mom. That was classic Ufer, God bless his cotton, pickin' maize and blue heart.