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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Buckeye "Love"

Check out this picture of a "classy" Buckeye and his, uh, "date."

Ah, those OSU folks. Such romantics.

Oh, and if you have a funny caption to the photo, please, by all means, post away! We'd love to hear them.


Anonymous said...

Off the top of my head:

Hurry, the light's about to change.

Keep looking, I'm sure there are some coins under the seat.

Don't say I never take you anywhere.

Next time I'm dating 33 and a third.

Hey, I thought you were bringing the tail pads.

"Calling an audible."

Buckeye Cribs

Yost said...

LOL!!!! I think my fave is "Hurry, the light's about to change" or "Don't say I never take you anywhere."

Funny stuff. Thanks for posting.

Katie said...

Sorta brings a whole new meaning to the term "Luckeye"! hee hee

mayday said...

Truly amazing. It's as if they want people to see their fat asses. Nothing wrong with being fat, just strange that they HAVE a car and yet don't know how to USE it.

Anonymous said...

In response to his mate's comment about "F Michigan", he said "I already have and here is a photo to prove it. Nice gal from Ann Arbor though".