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Friday, October 28, 2005

You Wanna Play Some Fistball?

There was an interesting article about former Michigan QB Jim Harbaugh in the Chicago Tribune today. He's having a pretty good year coaching the University of San Diego. Some of us on the board were in school at the same time as Harbaugh, and even had some personal contact with him. We also had some pre-blog discussion about who would take over for Lloyd when he decides to retire. Harbaugh's name was never mentioned. Should it have been? Feel free to share your stories about #4, and opinions about the article and the possiblity of him ever coaching the maize and blue.


Yost said...


I, in addition to some people I knew very well at Michigan, did have some personal contact with him while we were at school in A2. Unfortunately, I can't say anything good about him and I'll just leave it at that.

As such, he is not someone I would ever want -- nor should he be -- at the helm of the Michigan program.

matt said...

yost, my years in ann arbor coincided with harbaugh's as well, and...well, i can't say too many positive things about him, either.

great player, though.

The King said...

Loeffler for head coach.

DanDierdorf said...

Way to go Benny, you totally jinxed Jimmy Boy!!! Please post something about Coach Tressel this week to doom him as well.

Yost said...

Good idea, Dan. Get on that, Benny.