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Monday, October 10, 2005

Was OT really going to save us?

How many of you thought we were actually going to win in OT on Saturday? Sure, I'd take it over what ended up happening, but I had no confidence that Henne could make a clutch pass, or that we could make a FG. Sure, their backup QB was in the game, but our D would probably have found a way to give up a big run.
Maybe this is just rationalization on my part because that 60 yard run was so inexcusable, but I would put our chances of winning in OT at less than 50%.


Yost said...

I agree w/ you, Benny. I felt same way. That and fact that we're 4-0, I believe, in OT games so we're bound to get tripped up in those "extra innings" sooner or later.

But damn, sure wish we'd have had the chance to get there. Can you imagine how different this whole season would seem, even with an ugly win last weekend? With PSU coming into town and a BCS bowl still at least possible. *sigh*, Part II.

Wangs said...

We should try Gutz for no other reason than Henne sucks. Which is a pretty good reason.

Why does Lloyd protect his quarterbacks so much but not other players? Gabe Watson - all american - hasn't been a starter this season. Henne, who can't complete a pass in the second half, doesn't get a whiff of the bench. What's going on? Gutz was projected to be the starter last year, he certainly has the talent, why not let him play?

Disappointed said...

Overtime? Screw overtime. We had so many chances to win it in the fourth quarter who had time to think about overtime.

Yost said...

Dis, we really only had two chances to win in the 4th that I recall -- Rivas's 34 yd miss w/ 8:30 left and then our final drive where we got to midfield...then stalled. And hey, if we stop them on the MOTDPE (Most Obvious Third Down Play Ever), we get the ball back w/ about 1:15 left so who knows. But this game should have never come down to the fourth quarther.

As for Wangs comment, good question why QBs seem to be protected more. Might also be off the field/practice things we don't know about. Maybe, as bad as it's been, Henne is busting his butt in practice/behind the scenes. Not saying that's right, just speculating. And don't forget, Lloyd was a QB in college so it could just be a soft spot (like our defensive coverage on any long 3rd down play).

Benny Friedman said...

I agree that we never should have let the game come down to the last couple of minutes or an OT. This game was lost much earlier than that.
As for why Lloyd benches a guy like Watson but never his QBs, it totally has to do with effort. I'm Henne's biggest critic here, but I don't doubt his effort. From what I've read it was an effort issue with Watson and Lloyd won't stand for that, to his credit.

Yost said...

Hey, Benny, was Wangs in a nasty mood tonight or what? Sheesh. Makes your Jim Brandstatter comments look complimentary.

Benny Friedman said...

Of course he was in a nasty mood. He watched the game a second time. I was pissed off enough on Saturday, I didn't want to ruin my Monday by watching it again.
I would never call for the death of Brandstatter or call into question his worthiness in the eyes of his deity. I actually like the guy - he's just not a handsome man like me. I mean look at that picture of me. I'm the definition of rugged good looks. I don't have to tell you that back in the '20s I was known for bringing the forward pass to Ann Arbor, if you know what I mean.

Yost said...

Benny, I think the 20s are the last time we used it effectively.

Wangs said...

For the record - I did not call for anyone's death. It was a figure of speech. Of course, if someone wants to take their life because they are humilated and shamed or terminally ill but the feds won't let them smoke pot, then I wouldn't stand in their way if they decided to take matters into their own hands, so to speak, or even if they wanted a doctor to assist them.

I apologize if anyone was offended re: my comments about our fat kicker. I was attempting to note that when things go well Big J gets the credit, so, I assume, when things go poorly He also gets the credit. I certainly don't believe that Jesus, or any other super natural force or intelligent designer, or even stupid designers, have anything at all to do with who wins or loses college football games. But some guys do. So, it only makes sense to me, if one gives credit to the Almighty for success then, to be consistent, he also gets credit when bad things happen to fat kickers. But of course, I could be wrong.

Yost said...

LOL, Wangs. Reminds me of some comic's bit where he's talking about same thing and you hear the guy in the locker room afterwards talking to the press...

"Yeah, I would have been fine... until Jesus made me miss that kick!"

Benny Friedman said...

Wangs, I certainly wasn't offended by anything you said. However, I don't recall Rivas giving credit to JC or anyone else, other than his teammates, when he made kicks. I believe you are getting confused with Phillip Brabbs who made the game winning FG against Washington in '02 and later appeared with "Jesus" on his wristbands. Perhaps that was just his roommate from Puerto Rico. Regardless, he wasn't seen on the field very often after that.