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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

There's precedent for hope

Last year a Big Ten power started the year 3-3, including three straight losses in the Big Ten, two of them blowouts. But that team rallied, won four of their last five, including a pasting of their arch-rival in the season finale. They rolled in their bowl game, ended up ranked 20th and entered this season ranked 6th. Of course that team was Ohio State. Were they more talented than the teams they lost to? Probably. But they made some adjustments, including changing their QB, and salvaged their season. Do we have the guts to do that?


Yost said...

Good question, Benny. I don't think you'll see a QB change and that could be a mistake. I can only assume that Gutz isn't stepping up in practice as Lloyd has had no problem benching underperforming starters in the past.

Unfortunately, I don't see us repeating tOSU's '04 late-season turnaround this year. Especially now that we've lost two starting safeties off a mediocre season to begin with.

Benny, you might have to suit up soon. It's getting pretty bleak on both sides from a depth standpoint.

Benchwarmer said...

The obvious problem with this, seems to me, is Henne's backups are worse than Henne. (You know what they say: the most popular guy on the team with the fans is the backup QB--until he plays.)

If we only had an occasional fourth quarter where we didn't have to worry, maybe we could get these guys some much-needed experience.

Yost said...

BW, so true about back-ups not getting to play a lot b/c every game is a nailbiter.

However, w/ the injuries we've had, they're getting into the games in ways I wish they didn't.

And yeah, Gutz is only a stud until he actually plays. Then, god forbid, we find out he's only human.