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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling...

...Or maybe it isn't. Good article today in the Detroit Free Press on the current state of Michigan football. Your thoughts?


Benny Friedman said...

Not just a good article. A GREAT article. He puts it all in persepctive without making excuses. Michael Rosenberg is the only sports writer in Detroit who knows what's going on, and doesn't try to make a name for himself by being a dick. But couldn't they have gotten a better picture of the guy?

Anonymous said...

Here's the real question. If you had to bet the rent money, would you take Michigan this weekend minus 3 and a half points?

Yost said...

Benny, now when you refer to Detroit sportswriters making name for themselves by being dicks, you wouldn't be alluding to a certain hack, first name Drew, would you?

And Anon, if I had to bet money... Hmm. Tough one b/c I think there is some talent on this team (somewhere). But if you're forcing me, I'd prob take JoePa and his crew just b/c that's shaping up to be a great story this college football season. And his team is playing w/ passion each and every game, beyond their talent level while we've shown that only for the first half against MSU.

Wangs said...

I think that it is troubling, very troubling, that we play in so many close games. We win some we lose some - now we're 3-3. I think he makes pretty obvious points - the concern I have is - why so many close games when, I believe, we have more individual talent than every team we've played - except for tOSU and Texas last year. Yet we are 3-5 in that span - not 6-2 or 7-1.

Yost said...

I don't buy your "close games" argument/concern, Wangs. I mean, look at USC. They're playing a ton of close games, even against AZ. Yes, they're winning them now b/c their talent is soooo superior. But that won't happen every time. And this is a team that should win each time...based on talent alone.