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Monday, October 10, 2005

Proof that Bookies Smoke Pot...

Saw in USA TODAY that Michigan was favored by 3 over PSU. Again, if our team that has only beaten two MAC schools and MSU in OT was wearing Oregon State uniforms instead of Michigan jerseys, would we still be favored?


Benny Friedman said...

It's not the bookies who smoke pot, it's the bettors. The bookies set the lines based on how people will bet, hoping for an even amount on each side. Obviously, the public isn't sold on PSU yet.
Also, let's not forget that PSU has been on the road only once this season and was very fortunate to beat Northwestern in that game. Plus they're coming off a huge, emotional win. Plus, we're fighting for our season. I think that all factors in. Oh, and we've won more college football games than anyone else and have the best helmets in football. That helps too.

Yost said...

BF writes: "Also, let's not forget that PSU has been on the road only once this season and was very fortunate to beat Northwestern in that game."

Which *might* mean something if The Big (Quiet) House wasn't the least intimidating home field advantage in the country. And I stand by that statement (just wait until you see the post I'm cooking up). We might as well be playing at a neutral field. The only way playing in A2 negatively affects PSU is if they get caught in a traffic jam coming to the stadium.

Wangs said...

Griese even commented about how quite the "Big House" can be. When our yachtsman AD returns from his around the Great Lakes boat trip, I hope he'll get around to adding the skyboxes and a little architectural adjustment to keep the sound in. Those keys jangling will make a hell of a racket with the right acoustical design - I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I hear there's this new kid who can beat the line 80% of the time. Call Al Pacino, he's got his number.

Yost said...

IMHO, it has NOTHING to do w/ keeping the sound in. Ain't no sound to keep in if folks are sitting on their arses all game and bitching about "Down in front!" Can you imagine someone in the Swamp or at Texas or even tOSU telling someone "Down in front"!?! That person would be hoisted up a flag pole...or worse.

Benny Friedman said...

Speaking of problems with the stadium, how about the clock not working for the last 2:30. Obviously it didn't affect the outcome of the game, but was there anything more annoying that not knowing how much time was left? Oh, wait, maybe that 60 run was more annoying.

Yost said...

Yeah, I guess if it was going to be the complete disaster that it turned out to be (from kicking to coaching, both offense and defense), might as well have the clock screw up as well. Just to make it totally horrific.