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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Between 1970-1976, the Bo Schembechler-led Wolverines went 68-5-3 during the regular season (9-1 in '70, 11-0 in '71, 10-1 in '72, 10-0-1 in '73, 10-1 in '74, 8-1-2 in '75 and 10-1 in '76). And you know what the most incredible thing about that is: During those 7 seasons, outside of tOSU, they only played four ranked opponents. Of those, only one (#20 ranked Northwestern in 1971) was a Big 10 foe (their only ranked opponent that season as tOSU was unranked). In '70, '73, '74 and '76 the only ranked team Michigan faced all year was tOSU in their final game. Against Top 10 teams, Michigan was 3-4-1 during that span, only 1-4-1 against ranked tOSU squads.

If we include bowl games, Michigan was an additional 0-3 against ranked teams in that span, 0-2 against Top 10 teams.

Now compare that with the current 2005 season. Michigan has already played three ranked teams (ND, MSU and PSU) and two others with a combined record of 11-3 (Wisco and Minnie), that were unranked when Michigan played them. With the annual showdown with tOSU still to come, Michigan will most likely have faced four ranked teams this regular season. And that's not unheard of today. In fact, often that is now on the low side. In 2003, believe it or not, Michigan faced a whopping SEVEN ranked teams in the regular season. In 2002, the number was five.

I think you get my point (and no, it's not that I think Bill Snyder used to make our schedule for us). There's a reason the Big 10 used to be called the "Big 2 and Little 8." We only had to get up for a game each season. Today, Lloyd and his staff are faced with more difficult challenges week to week. And while I think they've made some big mistakes (and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a change at defensive coordinator), I think all the "Fire Lloyd Carr!" talk is a bit misguided (and downright asinine such as the alleged M "fans" who, before the game yesterday, passed out anti-Lloyd literature and held up a sign of Osama Bin Laden with "Osama Bin Lloydin has hijacked Michigan football" written above it).

As for Michigan "slipping" under Lloyd, remember that as parity overtook college football, Michigan lost three or more games in six of Bo's last 11 seasons and Mo lost three or more in three of his five season. And outside of Ann Arbor, look at what the "best coach in college football" has done so far this season with all that talent at Florida. Urban Meyer is a whopping one game better at 5-2, with a 31-3 blowout in mixed in there.

So while I'm in no way excusing some of the mistakes this season, or saying that I enjoy/like/accept a 4-3 record at this point, I think that, coming off back-to-back Rose Bowl appearances, having the fifth winningest record in all of college football the last eight seasons and going 15-5 against Top 10 teams, maybe Michigan fans need to have a little perspective.

Oh, and think of Nebraska. They got their wish to get rid of Frank Solich after going 10-3 two years ago. Picked up a "pro genius" in Bill Callaham and went a very ungenius like 5-6 last year. But then again, this is the same school that for some unknown reason let go of a coach after he went 8-3 for them back in 1898. That coach was some guy named Fielding H. Yost.

It's all about perspective.


M82 said...

Wow, with that kind of encyclopedic grasp of analytical numerology, I think the nation may have finally found our next Chairman of the Fed.

Oh, and eat your heart out, Dan Brown.


Yost said...

Hip reference there re: Dan Brown. Didn't know the "M" in your online ID stood for Dennis MILLER, cha cha.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

michigan sucks dick

Yost said...

And the above was the "classier" of the two posts by ANON that I left up.

Always love it when a Buckeye stumbles across the site and takes the time to show off his incredible mastery of the English language.