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Monday, October 10, 2005

Nostradamus was here

Ok, in my bleak post-Minnie (I go "Minnie" but I see Benny prefers to spell it "Minny," I assume after his own name) loss state-of-mind, this U of M blog made me laugh. I was searching for other U of M football blogs when I stumbled across it.

The guy, after getting a pretty good name for his blog, puts up one highly optimistic post -- in May! -- then doesn't add another thing. He's so confident, he says, "I'm starting this blog. Here is my prediction and damnit, I'm sticking to it. Period. The end."

I can only assume after seeing the ND game, he simply ended it all.


Benny Friedman said...

This is hilarious. First of all, the motif he chose is great for a blog - if it's a blog about the Gettysburg Address. Second, he capitalizes "National Championship" but not Chad Henne. Sorry, the grammarian in me had to mention that. Finally, he at least has a comment about his post - even if it is from a spammer.
I have to admit that I felt A LOT better about this team on May 25 than I do today.

Yost said...

LOL! re: Gettysburg Address. And yeah, we were all optimistic in May, weren't we? Ah, sweet memories.

I think I'm going to go back and re-read STREET & SMITH and THE SPORTING NEWS and all those other pre-season pubs I bought over the summer when the season was still a blissful collection of possibilities. *sigh*

Wangs said...

I am shocked at how poor the offense is this season. Never thought it was going to be this bad.

Why don't we run screen passes anymore?

Why do we pass to a one-armed tightend (Massaquoi has a frickin' club on his hand - who the hell called that deep post pattern for him?) Idiocy. If it was Terry Malone - I'd fire him for that alone. What was he thinking?

Yost said...

Yeah, makes no sense to pass to a TE who CAN'T CATCH! I mean, why don't we start using a kicker w/ a broken foot (on second thought, that probably couldn't be any worse).