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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Michigan has always been great stopping one dimensional teams...until Wisco 2005. Was that an aberation? Or does it speak to problems w/ this D?

PS Man, I'm not sure having this on the Internet for the world to see will help our posts right away. Seems like I'm "self editing" right now. Maybe the next post I'll mix it up a bit, like asking "Didre" why he chose that as his post name. Didre? DIDRE?! 125+ years of Meeechigan football history to choose from and...Didre?! Sweet mother of god!


Didre said...

I can't believe you'd disparage a family nickname of mine for over 30 years. Would you be happier if I went with the moniker "Dufek?"

Yost said...

Better. Moving in the right direction at least. Boy, we need our other two co-horts to help carry the ball on this site. Or it'll just be a nickname discussion. Which, if we'd have lost last weekend, might have been for the best (see how I always circle it back to Michigan?).

Yost said...
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Wangs said...
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Yost said...

Just deleted our TEST posts. Putting this one up to make sure we all get it. Benny, you had mentioned posts last night...how late? Not sure I got any late-night posts. Will delete this as soon as you each tell me you got a copy. Email me.