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Monday, October 17, 2005

Michigan's schedule...

Read the following in the Detroit Free Press today:

U-M's schedule difficulty now ranks No. 2 nationally, trailing only Oklahoma. The Wolverines' opponents have a 42-19 combined record (.688).

And with 5-2 Iowa at Iowa this weekend followed by 4-2 Northwestern at NW before closing out against Ohio State, it doesn't get any easier. Heck, even our "gimme" game of the final four is against an IU team that is 4-2.


The King said...

I was under the impression that Notre Dame had the hardest schedule in the country running away. I guess if some teams hadn't busted out (Purdue, Pitt) they probably still would. Those two on top of USC, Michigan, Tennessee, Michigan State? That's crazy.

Benny Friedman said...

What's even more incredible about ND's schedule is that they've only played 2 home games - and lost them both. To Greek themed mascots, no less.
I think when they calculate strength of schedule, they only account for who you've played, not who's coming up on the schedule. So ND doesn't yet get credit for Tennessee, though they'll take some hits when they play BYU, Navy, Syracuse, and Stanford.

Yost said...

You are correct, Benny. They only calculate based on who you've already played, not upcoming.

On a related note, would any other 2 loss team in the country besides NOT have dropped in the polls after losing Saturday? Look, I know it was close, but they lost. Period. Miami opened the season w/ a tough loss to FSU on the road and dropped about 5 spots. Sad to say, but ND's only quality win (as opposed to "quality loss") is against 4-3 Michigan. I think we're the only team they beat w/ a winning record this season.

PS Love all the photos on this page, lol.

Benny Friedman said...

A couple more things about our schedule. Even our "easy" games were against middle to top teams of the MAC. Also, the two teams we don't play in conference (Purdue and Illinois) are the worst in the Big Ten. Basically, we have two or three gimmes on the schedule at most, especially considering our struggles.

Yost said...

Benny, I agree w/ everything you said...except the whole "even our easy gameS (plural) were against the middle/top teamS (plural again) of the MAC."

Dude, if EMU is a top (or even middle) team in anything but a high school conference, that league should disband.