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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I wasn't even nervous this time

We've played so many close games in a row, I wasn't even all that nervous for the overtime over Iowa. I pretty much expected it. That makes four games in a row that were decided on the last play. That's inconceivable. And five in a row decided in the last minute. I expect more of the same this week against Northwestern.
Was there any doubt our defense was going to collapse on Iowa's final drive in regulation? They played well since the first quarter, but when the pressue's on, they manage to give up the key score. They've done it in every Big Ten game except against Sparty. After Iowa's long pass that put them down near the 20, they called for a replay review. That was key - it was like a much-needed time out for us. I was thinking we should call one anyway. Iowa got a bit conservative after that play, though the D stood up on the third down shuffle pass. There were 27 seconds after that play - we should have called timeout after that. It would have given us a possible return from Breaston on the kickoff which would have been into the wind.
Pierre Woods made a couple of great plays right off the bat in OT. Who knew he was still on the team? He's been invisible most of the season. And who's this John Thompson guy and why hasn't he been playing a lot more? He was hitting everyone, though I could go for a little less of the trash talk. The holding call on 3rd and 8 could have been a killer, especially since it was completely unnecessary.
The Hawkeyes' holder: Fentstermaker, the kicker: Schlicher. Is there a more hilarious name combination in football?
Jason Avant - who was the true player of the game - made an incredible catch on 2nd down to get us to the 5. How he contorted his body that way is unbelievable, but he does it so often, I shouldn't be surprised. It was also a great call and something I'd like to see more of - play action and a rollout. Thankfully, we got in on 3rd down with a very ineresting formation with Massaquoi and Paul in the backfield with Jackson. Kind of a semi-wishbone. Would we/should we have gone for it on 4th down if we hadn't made it?


Anonymous said...

Even at 5 and 3, you gotta admit we're a pretty damn lucky team.

Benny Friedman said...

I don't see where luck has anything to do with it. If we were truly "lucky," we'd be 7-1 or 8-0. If we were "unlucky" we'd be 2-6. We are what we are: a 5-3 team. It's interesting how the good teams are always lucky and the bad teams unlucky.

Yost said...

Benny, TOTALLY agree with you in that we should have called timeouts when Iowa got down to our 20 on their last drive in regulation. I think they should have called it with even more than the 27 seconds as the clock wasn't a factor to Iowa yet we might have needed the time had they gotten the TD. Don't understand the rational for not using it. Just like 1985 when they drove the field and kicked a field goal to win it 12-10 with no time left on the clock.

The holding on 3rd and 8, if it's the play I'm thinking of wasn't Thompson, it was Crable. They called it on the wrong guy.

As for the Hawkeye special team names, aren't those the two guys from The Producers? lol, indeed.

Yes, Avant was the man. Always is. Rarely have a seen a Michigan receiver who is more "money" in the clutch. He conistantly makes more big catches.

But here's a question: Why did Breaston only touch the ball twice yesterday and how many times did Manningham see it? I mean, c'mon! We have to get these playmakers the ball more and we're not doing it.

As for if we'd had to go to 4th down, I think no question we kick. Lloyd even said that. However, what Lloyd says and what Lloyd does will be the topic of a post I plan to write today.

And good point re: "luck" and "unlucky." You know, as "bad" as Michigan is this year, you never see the 49-whatever pasting that MSU got slapped with. People forget that.

Man, this NW game is going to be tough. And a night game, too. Wish I could join you guys in Chi-town this weekend for it.

Question: Is it still Dyke Stadium?

Yost said...

PS FYI to back up the above...

And just like 20 years ago when the Wolverines tried to ice Houghtlin with three timeouts, Michigan tried to ice Schlicher with two. It didn't work then. It didn't work Saturday. The junior made the score, tied the game at 17 as time expired, and put the Hawkeyes in just their third period of extra time ever.

The King said...

That was a classic game between two teams trying desperately to lose. Lucky for us, Iowa squashed a very noble attempt by our coaches and Chad Henne to drop us straight into the toilet.

Looking forward to that game in Evanston next week, that should be nauseating.

Yost said...

LOL, Loef. But only "LOL" b/c we won. If not, it would be "*&^%$!"