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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Halftime Report...

M 13, Minnie 10

You know, I can always get a sense of the team's mindset for a game by how my fellow M fans react watching the showdown w/ me at my house. For the MSU game, we were glued from the first play, the focus totally on the game. Each play watched w/ rapt attention.

But today, there was a "looseness," like we were playing Central Michigan, not a 4-1 Big 10 team as talk in the first quarter actually turned to last Wednesday's LOST episode (I nipped that as soon as it came up). Point is, M fans weren't focused, and from the play so far, neither is our team.

This is exactly the sort of game we didn't want to get into today: a dogfight. We came out distracted (maybe Ecker was talking about LOST in the huddle before dropping the pass that split his numbers) and seemingly expecting Minnie to roll over for us. We didn't put up 7 on our first drive and then gave up their TD at the end of the 1st half. Both bad signs.

Minnie's first drive of the upcoming second half is going to be very telling. If they drive right down the field, we could be in very big trouble. Michigan needs to quickly stop them and put up their own points (7, not 3!) to regain control of this game.

I hope my exuberance in the long post below wasn't premature.


M82 said...

As for the rest of the season, speaking of "Lost"...


Yost said...

"LOST" indeed. As in, I'd rather be watching "LOST" instead of our pathetic offense, defense, kicking game, coaching. You thought things looked bleak for Sawyer in the pit this week, well, we're in a much deeper hole now in A2.

M82 said...

At least the mystery of what's down the hatch has been solved...

Michigan's pride.


Yost said...

LOL again, M82. Welcome to the site!