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Monday, October 31, 2005

Do Bloggers Get Bye Weeks?

I actually thought about taking a "blogger break" today. Heck, Michigan has a bye this week, why shouldn't I? In addition, we're coming up on the one month "anniversary" of this little site and that seemed like a perfect time to kick back, relax and let my creative juices take a rest along with Michael Hart's ankle. But when I discovered some surprising info about our site today, I had to jot this post down.

First, a little backstory.

Since the first M Zone post was released into the cyber ether on October 5th, I had been emailing my 10 or so closest Wolverine pals regularly with links to the site in the hopes that they might stop in and read these musings of a couple of Michigan madman. Like somehow those 20 eyeballs would help justify the time being put into this endeavor which sometimes -- oh, how should I put this? -- "distracted" me (and our other M Zone "staff") from the permanent job that has been paying my bills for over a decade.

I have to admit, I'm quite proud of the site. I thought Benny had done an amazing job of taking the basic Blogger template, adding some Maize and Blue flair and making it look pretty darn impressive. Most of all, it's a blast. I loved talking Meeeechigan football with my friends. When I'd see that Wangs had posted a reply to my comment on an NCAA football playoff, I couldn't wait until my day (or night) freed up so I could shoot off a retort. It's a fun hobby.

But was anybody else reading? Or was this just a dressed up version of the daily emails Benny, Wangs, Loeffler and I had been shooting off amongst ourselves during the previous couple of Michigan football seasons?

So a couple days ago, I added a "hit counter" to the site to see how many -- if any -- folks "visited" our tiny corner of cyberspace. I did it out of curiosity -- and because it was free -- to see if even the ten people mentioned above were checking this out "M thing we do."

Well, much to my amazement when I checked the detailed stats today, I discovered fellow Wolverines are indeed stopping by this addictive hobby/developing passion. In greater numbers than I would've thought at this juncture of our fun experiment. In fact, so far today, 154 "visitors" came to the site. Granted, 154 folks isn't exactly like reaching SI's circulation. Let's be honest, we're not getting as many hits as the water polo page on ESPN.com. But Maize and Blue faithful from such places as Phoenix, Arizona...Flower Mound, Texas and Tyrone, Pennsylvania came by today along with international Michigan fans (or extremely lost computer users) in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada...Lancaster, Blackpool, U.K and Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation.

Wow. Pretty cool.

So I just wanted to say thanks for checking the site out. We had no idea what would happen when we started it. Nice to see some other Michigan Wolverines have found us. I hope folks out there in cyberspace enjoy perusing this site as much as we enjoy doing it.

Go Blue!

PS To the guy in Russia, assuming you weren't lost and come back -- do you really get the Michigan games over there? Boy, I knew WJR had a strong signal but THAT is amazing!


#155 said...


DanDierdorf said...

Yes, You get a bye week. Rest up your sore fingers. Will someone please beat Wisconsin!!!!

Anonymous said...

Да, даже в Moscow, Ohio State всасывает!


Yost said...

Yurgi, you rock! Thanks for joining us. And I agree w/ your statement (gotta love the Internet for finding translations!).

Go Blue!

Yost said...

Yurgi, or should I have said...

Идите Синим!