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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Did you see this?

After the game, they planted the Minnesoooota flag smack dab in the middle of the block M at the 50 yard line of the Big House.

"The horror. The horror."


Benny Friedman said...

This kind of stuff has to be stopped. I don't know if there's an effective punishment since the game was over, but this is the second time this has happened with a Big Ten team this year. When Sparty did it in South Bend I felt sick. I felt sick for the Irish. And that made me sick. It was a sick spiral I'd like to stop talking about now.
I thought college football was supposed to be about teamwork and sportsmanship and preparing you for life. When I see Glen Mason or John WWWWL Smith on that horrible Big Ten commercial talking about being good fans I'm going to have to TiVo right thru it. They're hypocrites. These actions by these players are incendiary acts. How can these coaches ask the fans to act like adults when their players are acting like bullies on the playground?
Besdies, how do you plant a flag on artificial turf? I know that field looks like real grass on TV, but that must have damaged it a little, didn't it? Maybe we should keep the flag and when they ask for it back we could just tell them, "Come back down here and win it." That way we could retire the Little Brown Jug.

Benny Friedman said...

And one more thing. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who want to get rid of Lloyd and say how he's a terrible coach. I don't agree, but I think there's one thing we can agree on. You would NEVER see a Michigan football team pulling bush league crap like this under Lloyd Carr. That may not make up for predictable game plans, but it's got to be worth something.

Yost said...

Benny, totally agree with you re: flag incident. That's not right. There's celebrating a big win then there's this which, I agree, is an incindiary act.

But your other point is even better: Just how do you plant a flag in artificial turf?

Wangs said...

I don't know why - but this doesn't bother me so much. They won. I wouldn't want our guys to do it because it is poor sportsmanship, but it doesn't anger me. What angers me is - why is Henne still our qb? Why can't the d stop an obvious run on 3rd and 10 (and then give up 61)?

Yost said...

B/c it's spitting in the opponents face after you've won. It's classless. It's something tOSU would do (after beating up our fans and having bomb sniffing dogs search our team bus).

It's the post-game equiv of taunting. And I know, to the Victors (not us, lately) go the spoils but show some class about it.

Wangs said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wangs said...

You now what - perhaps it is the swagger that other teams have - the killer instinct - that we don't have. Maybe that is what is missing? I'd like to think we can be good sports and still win, but maybe to motivate guys to get to the next level (that next level would be winning games) we need more swagger, more hatefullness, less crossing ourselves before field goal attempts. Maybe that's what motivates today's athlete? I don't know - what I do know is that our guys seem to think that if they put on the uniform and take the field, that's enough. We do not beat the hell of teams. Every game against non-MAC schools is close. Perhaps we should be more aggressive? Just a thought.

I don't like it, but maybe that mentallity is what it takes to win now days? Honestly, if we win, I could give a shit how we do it. Winners write history, losers whine about it. I'm tired of whining.

Yost said...

For some reason your comment posted twice, Wangs. Maybe it was the passion of the piece.

I hear you about swagger. We don't put teams away. We don't "go for the kill" so to speak. We continually let mediocre teams hang around in games they should never be in.

But even still, I don't think we need to be jerks by planting our flag on opposing fields like we just landed on the moon. That's for posers who don't expect to win.

Let's show our nastiness on the field by blowing out lesser teams, not showboating afterwards w/ cheap gimmicks.