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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The bright side?

At this point I'm just looking to get us six wins. I think that's the only thing we have left this season - to keep the bowl streak and non-losing season streak going. I'm trying to be optimistic about this - could we be facing Penn State at any better time? They just closed out a very emotional win over tOSU at home. Going on the road against a wounded animal could be the best thing for us. Everyone's going to be talking about how great they are, how they're back. I still see them as a defense-only team. We have to have the same attitude we had against Sparty. It also wouldn't hurt if we got some play from the QB position.


Yost said...

How sad that we've become merely spoilers six games into the season.

But I do think PSU is back. You see them as a defense-only team, eh? Well, that's better than us b/c we're neither an offense or defense team right now. And the PSU D I watched tonight is going to make it very tough for our predictable O to score against.

Furthermore, I don't think an attitude adjustment is the problem. We're just not very good or well coached right now. Hate to say that, but at 3-3, with the way these losses are coming, that seems to be a fact.

My god, we LOST to a team that was just trying to run out the clock today. How frightening is that?!?!

Yost must be rolling over in his grave.

Wangs said...

W-L-W-L-W-L-Pennsylvania State University? Win is next. I just hope that bye week comes on a scheduled L so that we maybe can win 2 in a row.

No worries.

Yost said...

Wangs, do you really think we're going to win? Or is that just Monday Afternoon (false) Bravado?

Wangs said...

I think we'll win for the simple reason that we will be aggressive in the first quarter and put some points on the board. I think Malone and Lloyd are so old and conservative that they've forgotten how to be motherfuckers and beat the shit out of their opponents. I want a motherfucker for my coach - not a gentleman. Bo was motherfucker. Woody was a motherfucker (I'm not sure I've ever written that word before, kinda fun). Moeller, I thought, was an aggressive offensive coach. Lloyd is a great man, a gentleman. Who has way to much respect for the other team. We seem to want to do just enough to win games - and not humiliate our opponents. I'd like to try and beat the hell out of them, rather than all these frickin' close games, especially now that Lloyd's luck is running out. This trend of close games has haunted us for several years now. We've been lucky to win - MSU last year, Minnesotate the past two years, Wisco a couple years ago (the punt that bounced off their player with 12 seconds left), etc. Play in enough close games, that oblong ball will bounce the wrong way eventually.

Against Pennsylvania State, I think we'll be aggressive, nothin' to lose, and we'll see results. Kinda sad - because if we'd been like that all year - playing to win instead of playing afraid to lose - maybe we would be 4-2 or 6-0. But we're not. Henne is so afraid of making a mistake, throwing the ball out of bounds every other pass, that he doesn't make plays to win.