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Friday, October 14, 2005

And remember -- Bo Knows Football...

Looks like even the ol' Field General himself, Bo George Patton Schembechler, doubts the '05 Michigan squad can rebound this season as evidenced by his recent comments.

Sad times, indeed -- WJR dumps us, Bo doubts us...at least the M students will be shaking their dorm keys during "key plays" this weekend in an attempt to give Michigan a home field advantage, figuring the Pennsylvania State University players will be laughing too much at the sight to hear the snap count.


Benny Friedman said...

I think we've all admired Bo. He brought the program back after the doldrums of the '60s, made it into a national power for 20 years and seemed like a decent guy - at least for a football coach.
I've also admired him for retiring before he was past his prime and for being a great ambassador for Michigan since then. I'm sure Moeller and Carr have enjoyed having him around since they probably bounced ideas off him, while he stayed out of the media and didn't judge the teams.
I've even been able to look past his firing of Ernie Harwell during his horrible three years as general manager of the Tigers.
But with these comments he's trampling over what's been so commendable about him over the past 15 years. He sounds like a spoiled Michigan fan who thinks he knows everything about football in 2005, who's mostly talking out of his ass. What's the difference between what he said and what us jokers put on this blog? We're not the historical face of Michigan football. We don't have the football building named for us. We don't have an office down the hall from Lloyd Carr. What we say doesn't really matter. What Bo says still carries some weight with the team and the University.
So, Bo. Thanks for 21 great years of coaching. Thanks for 15 more of representing the University. But when it comes to the performance of the current team, and when it comes to your political beliefs, just keep it to yourself.

Wangs said...

I disagree, completely.

First of all, Bo does know football and all of his comments are fair and accurate. Do you dispute anything he said?

I don't think he was unfairly critical, or even critical, he's just observing the obvious. And who in the world knows if this team can pull it together. We'll know more after Pennsylvania State, but then we thought we knew more after Spartie. So who the hell does know - if Bo doesn't.

Benny Friedman said...

I don't necessarily disagree with his analysis. My point was more that since he represents the University, and in a sense the team, he should keep his criticism in house. His comments are very negative and not productive at all. It's one thing if some fan at a keyboard says this. It's another if it's coming from the guy whose name is on the building the team practices in.
Along with his glowing endorsement of George W. Bush last year, Bo's starting to sound like an old coot who doesn't know what he's talking about. Kind of like Joe Paterno.

Anonymous said...

Hey, write about football because you can at least pretend to know something there, but don't waste my time telling me about your pitiful views on politics, because they mean less than nothing to me.

Wangs said...

I don't understand why you are so upset - I think Bo is correct, his comments aren't mean spirited, I think they are well-informed and right on - we've had injuries, the running back is running on one leg, the qb isn't as good as we thought he'd be, the offensive line is not good, we should've beaten ND considering the number of redzone missed opportunities, etc. He's right. He isn't criticizing anyone. And he's absolutely correct. I don't understand why you are bothered with his comments, I think it's perfectly natural for someone who loves Michigan football as much as he does to care about the program, to watch it, and to make observations about it. hmmm. Maybe we should invite him to join our blog.

As for his comments about the President of the United States (and of Iraq, but not New Orleans), my guess is he may have a slightly different opinion of his performance now. But even if he doesn't so what - celebrities talk about politics and world hunger and whatnot all the time, who cares. I would agree, that his support of Bush certainly supports your assertion that he is (or has) lost his marbles (or at least the steelies).

Yost said...

Wow, where do I start? I leave my computer for a couple hours and we have a genuine "brouhaha" here (as opposed to a "donnybrook.")

Here's my take: Everything Bo said is, unfortunately, probably true about the team this season. However, Benny's point is valid in that, as the face of Michigan football, maybe he shouldn't air that in public. To have the guy whose name is on the building you practice in basically say you're no good is something that isn't going to help.

That said, I think Wangs brings up an excellent idea in wondering if we can get Bo for our blog seeing as he's now into questioning this team as much as we -- and most -- M fans are.

Finally, guys, please watch the political commentary on the football forum. As you can see from the "Anonymous" comment at 3:58pm, you've now obviously pissed off Karl Rove.